ON/OFF Trampoline

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ON/OFF Trampoline
Luigi near some on-off trampolines. On the left is the activated version, the right one is the deactivated version.
Luigi bouncing near ON/OFF Trampolines. The left is activated, while the right is not.
First appearance Super Mario Maker 2 (version 3.0.0) (2020)

An ON/OFF Trampoline is an object in Super Mario Maker 2 added in the April 22, 2020, update, available only in the Super Mario 3D World style. It is a type of Mushroom Trampoline that can be activated and deactivated by hitting an ON/OFF Switch. When inactive, the ON/OFF Trampoline is gray and solid. When activated, it is pink with blue spots and works the same as a regular Mushroom Trampoline.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイッチトランポリン[1]
Suicchi Toranporin
Switch Trampoline
Chinese (Simplified) 开关跳跳床[2]
Kāiguān Tiàotiàochuáng
Switch Trampoline
Chinese (Traditional) 開關跳跳床[3]
Kāiguān Tiàotiàochuáng
Switch Trampoline
French Trampignon ON/OFF From trampoline and champignon (mushroom)
Italian Trampolino ON/OFF ON/OFF Trampoline
Korean 스위치트램펄린[4]
Seuwichi Teuraempeollin
Switch Trampoline


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