Reitō Power-up Kinoko

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Reitō Power-up Kinoko
Reitō Power-up Kinoko
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 6 (1993)
Effect Turns Mario into Water Stream Mario.

The Reitō Power-up Kinoko (冷凍パワーアップキノコ, Reitō Pawā Appu Kinoko, Frozen Super Mushroom) is a special Super Mushroom that only appears in Super Mario-kun.

While traversing a desert in the Special Zone, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are attacked by a Blargg. Peach, seeing Mario in trouble, manages to grab a Flying ? Block, fill it with a Reitō Power-up Kinoko, and send it to Mario. Mario takes it and becomes Water Stream Mario, defeating the Blargg and cooling him and his friends from the heat.