Seesaw Shroom (blue)

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Luigi sighting in Cooligan Shrooms from New Super Luigi U

Blue Seesaw Shrooms[1] appear in New Super Luigi U and its reissue. Like their normal counterparts, they tilt slightly from side to side when idle, but they balance under the weight of players when they stand on them; however, they also feature low traction, causing players to slide across if they are not in their Penguin form. These Seesaw Shrooms also come in two sizes, with one size being slightly larger than the other. They appear only in the level Cooligan Shrooms, where they are extremely common.


  1. ^ The internal filename of this object is R_lift_kinoko_shiso, which is a revised copy of the original Seesaw Shroom from New Super Mario Bros. U, lift_kinoko_shiso, except with an "R" prefix denoting an object new to New Super Luigi U.