Super Mega Mushroom

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The Super Mega Mushroom as seen from Mario Party 4

The Super Mega Mushroom is an item that only appears in Mario Party 4. It turns its user into a giant-sized version of themselves, similar to the normal Mega Mushroom. The only difference between this item and the Mega Mushroom is that the player rolls three Dice Blocks instead of two (for a total of 3-30 spaces), which is very similar to Super Mushrooms in many of the other Mario Party games. If the player rolls the same number on all three Dice Blocks, they get 10 coins (30 coins for three "3's"; 50 coins for three "7's").

Super Mega Mushrooms can be gained during the Mini Mini-Games on the board, the Lottery Shop, or through the Item Shops. Unlike normal Mega Mushrooms, they cannot be found on a Mushroom Space (nor can its effect be inflicted on opponents with a MiniMega Hammer) along with the Super Mini Mushroom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーデカキノコ
Sūpā Deka Kinoko
Super Mega Mushroom
French Super Méga Champi Super Mega Shroom
German Mega-Pilz Mega Mushroom
Italian Fungo supermega Supermega Mushroom