Shroom Steak

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Shroom Steak
PaperMario Items ShroomSteak.png Shroom Steak TTYD.png ShroomSteak SPM.png
Paper Mario Description A dish cooked by Tayce T. Restores 30 HP and 10 FP.­
The Thousand-Year Door Description A tasty dish made by Zess T. Replenishes 30 HP and 10 FP.­
Super Paper Mario Description The height of shroom cuisine. Fills 70 HP and cures poison.

A Shroom Steak is an item found in Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Super Paper Mario. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Paper Mario, the item heals thirty HP and ten FP. In Super Paper Mario, it heals seventy HP and cures Poison. This item can be sold for forty-five coins. Shroom Steaks can be made by cooking any of the two items below:


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game that Recipe is in
Ultra Shroom Shroom Steak Paper Mario & Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Life Shroom + Dried Shroom
Life Shroom + Mushroom
Life Shroom + Ultra Shroom
Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf
Ultra Shroom + Mushroom Paper Mario
Ultra Shroom + Super Shroom
Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom
Life Shroom + Golden Leaf
Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom
Ultra Shroom + Golden Leaf
Ultra Shroom + Turtley Leaf
Life Shroom + Super Shroom
Ultra Shroom Shake Super Paper Mario
Shroom Steak + Gorgeous Steak Dyllis Deluxe
Shroom Steak + Roast Shroom Dish

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコステーキ
Kinoko Sutēki
Mushroom Steak
Spanish Filete Seta
Champi al grill (Super Paper Mario)
mushroom filet
Grilled Shroom
French Champisteak Combination of champignon (mushroom) and "steak".
German Pilz-Steak literal translation
Italian Rollé ai Funghi Mushroom roulade
Chinese 蘑菇排
Mógū Pái
Mushroom Steak