Pyramid Stone

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Pyramid Stone
PyramidStone PM.png
Paper Mario description A triangle-shaped stone found in Dry Dry Ruins.

The Pyramid Stone is a green stone shaped like a triangle in Paper Mario. Along with the Diamond Stone and the Lunar Stone, Mario and his friends need this stone to gain access to Tutankoopa's tomb in Dry Dry Ruins.

It can be found in a secret chamber, guarded by two Stone Chomps. It fits into the left Chomp Rock statue.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんかくのいし
Sankaku no Ishi
Triangle Stone

Chinese (simplified) 金字塔之石[1]
Jīnzìtǎ zhī Shí
Pyramid Stone

French Pierre Pyram.
Pierre is "Stone" and Pyram. is a abbreviation of Pyramide (Pyramid)