Yellow Berry

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Yellow Berry
PaperMario Items YellowBerry.png
Appears in: Paper Mario
HP restored: 3
FP restored: 3

A Yellow Berry is a berry the coveted item of the Yellow Flower from Paper Mario. It is needed to pass the Yellow Flower guard in Flower Fields and restores 3 HP and 3 FP. It is recommended for the player to have some during the chapter, they make a reusable and quick health recovery. They are found along the southwest path.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Yellow Berry Super Soda
Lime + Yellow Berry
Lemon + Yellow Berry
Apple + Yellow Berry
Coconut + Yellow Berry
Cake Mix + Yellow Berry Big Cookie
Koopa Leaf + Yellow Berry Bland Meal
Dried Pasta + Yellow Berry
Honey Syrup + Yellow Berry Tasty Tonic
Strange Leaf + Yellow Berry Sleepy Sheep
Jammin' Jelly + Yellow Berry Special Shake
Melon + Yellow Berry

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きいろいみ[1]
Kiiroi Mi
Yellow Berry
Chinese 黄色浆果
Huángsè Jiāngguǒ
Yellow Berry


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