Attack FX B (Paper Mario)

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Attack FX B
Attack FX B Badge.png
BP needed 0
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Paper Mario description Changes the sound effects when Mario's attacking.
Mario and Goombario, smashing the bricks that reveal the Attack FX B badge in the game Paper Mario.
Mario and Goombario revealing the Attack FX B Badge in the area near Koopa Village.

Attack FX B is a Badge in Paper Mario. It can be obtained by hitting three Brick Blocks on a path towards Koopa Village in the right order (left, right, middle). A red ? Block then appears between the blocks which contains the Badge. It costs no Badge Points to equip. If Mario equips the Badge, it makes a slide whistle noise whenever he uses his hammer outside of battle and whenever he attacks an enemy by jumping on them or hammering them.

Merluvlee's predictions in Paper Mario[edit]

  • "I Attack FX B Badge. Halfway along Pleasant Path you see three Candy Canes. You go down the path to the three brick blocks near the fence. You smash the left, then the right and then the middle, making a red Block appear. You smash the block and claim your prize."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピッキョローンB
Pikkyorōn B
Attack FX B
Chinese B音效改变勋章
B Yīnxiào Gǎibiàn Xūnzhāng
SFX B Changing Badge
French FX Attaque B Attack FX B
German Sound-FX B
Spanish Ataque FX B Attack FX B

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