Fourth-Degree Card

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Fourth-Degree Card
Fourth-DegreeCard PM.png
Paper Mario description Proof of Mario's strength, for besting The Master at the Dojo.

The Fourth-Degree Card is a collectible item in Paper Mario where Mario may obtain it by training at the Toad Town Dojo in Toad Town. After defeating the first two members of the dojo: Chan and Lee, Mario may fight The Master. If he defeats The Master the first time, he will change his costume and fight Mario again. If Mario defeats The Master in his new form, he will receive the Fourth-Degree Card. The card has no particular use in-game and is simply a collectible item.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 4だんのあかし[1]
4 Dan no Akashi
Proof of 4th Rank

Chinese (simplified) 第四级卡片[2]
Dì-sì jí kǎpiàn
Fourth-Level Card

German Sternen-Karte
Star Card

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