Kooky Cookie

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Kooky Cookie
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Paper Mario description Makes Mario electric, sleepy, or transparent. Restores 15 FP.

The Kooky Cookie is an item that is found exclusively in Paper Mario. The ingredients used in order to make it are Cake Mix and either a Koopa Leaf, a Stinky Herb, or Maple Syrup. It restores fifteen Flower Points and will cause one of three status effects: Invisible, Electrified or Sleeping. It can be sold for twelve coins.

The Kooky Cookie is one of the items that Koopa Koot asks for; his specific cookie is made from Cake Mix and a Koopa Leaf, and he gives Mario one coin in return.

It can be considered similar to the Love Pudding from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, namely because both are dessert-themed items that can give Mario one of three status effects.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンダークッキー[1]
Wandā Kukkī
Wonder Cookie
Spanish Galleta Kooky Kooky Cookie
French Cookie Kooky Kooky Cookie
German Crazy Keks Crazy Cookie
Chinese 奇妙小饼
Qímiào Xiǎobǐng
Wonderful Cookie


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