Spicy Dinner

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Spicy Dinner
Spicy Dinner SPM.png
Appears in: Super Paper Mario
Made by: Dyllis

A Spicy Dinner is a recipe found in Super Paper Mario and it is made by Dyllis. It temporarily doubles attack. The effect lasts 30 seconds. It is made by mixing a Big Egg or Horsetail with a Hot Sauce.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラカラりょうり
Karakara Ryōri
Spicy Cooking
French Plat épicé Spicy Dish
German Scharfes Mahl Spicy Meal
Italian Piatto pica Spicy Meal
Korean 매운 요리
Maeun Yoli
Spicy Cuisine
Spanish Cena Picante Spicy Dinner