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Speed Flower SPM.png
“This is a Speed Flower! It temporarily speeds up time. You'll also earn triple points and coins while it's active!”
In-game text, Super Paper Mario

A Speed Flower is a type of flower found in Super Paper Mario. If the player picks it up, everything will speed up for a short period of time. Within that time, points and coins the player earns are tripled. Mario's Flip Meter will also drain and refill faster. If an item that gives points to the player is used (such as Miracle Dinner), said points will be multiplied as well.

The Slow Flower is the opposite of the Speed Flower. If the player grabs a Slow Flower while under the effects of a Speed Flower, the speed reverts to normal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スピードフラワー
Supīdo Furawā
Speed Flower
Italian Fiore Velocità Speed(ing) Flower
Spanish (NOE) Flor veloz[1] Fast Flower