Fruity Hamburger

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Fruity Hamburger
Fruity Hamburger SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Hamburger stuffed with...fruit? Fills 25 HP and cures poison.

The Fruity Hamburger is a recipe by Dyllis in Super Paper Mario. It is made from a Power Steak and a Keel Mango. A Hamburger may replace the Power Steak and a Peachy Peach can also be used instead of the Mango.

Its description states that it's a fruit-filled hamburger, but it looks like a normal hamburger patty with berries in front and the mango in the back. Using it restores twenty-five HP and cures Poison.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game that Recipe is in
Power Steak + Keel Mango Fruity Hamburger Super Paper Mario
Power Steak + Peachy Peach
Hamburger + Keel Mango
Hamburger + Peachy Peach
Roast Shroom Dish + Fruity Hamburger Dyllis Special

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フルーツハンバーグ
Furūtsu Hanbāgu
Fruit Hamburger

French Faux-filet fruité
Fruity Sirloin Steak
German Fruchtschnitte
Fruit Slice
Italian Hamburger alla Frutta
Fruit Hamburger
Korean 과일햄버그스테이크
Gwail Haembeogeu Seuteikeu
Fruit Hamburger Steak

Spanish Carne con Fruta
Meat and Fruit