Stamina Juice

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Stamina Juice
Stamina Juice SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description This mighty mix restores HP gradually over time.

Stamina Juice is a recipe found in Super Paper Mario, and it is made by Dyllis. This mighty mix restores HP gradually over time (13 HP total). It is made by mixing an Inky Sauce with a Honey Jar.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタミナジュース
Sutamina Jūsu
Stamina Juice

French Nectamix
Nectamix (portmanteau of the words "nectar" and "mix", both transparent words)
German Ausdauersaft
Stamina Juice
Italian Succo Energia
Energy Juice
Korean 스태미나주스
Seutaemina Juseu
Stamina Juice

Spanish Zumo Energético
Energetic Juice