Town Special

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Town Special
Town Special SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Downtown of Crag's specialty. Fills 5 HP and cures poison.

A Town Special is a recipe made by Saffron in Super Paper Mario. It is a specialty of Downtown of Crag. It fills five HP and cures poison, and additionally gives 500 Points. It is made by a Primordial Fruit, which actually restores five more HP than the Town Special; as such, aside from adding it to the recipe list, there is little benefit to creating a Town Special beyond it selling for slightly more Coins (27 compared to a Primordial Fruit's 25).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 村の名物
Mura no Meibutsu
Village Special
French Crag du jour Crag of the Day ("Crag" is the word the Cragnons from Chapter 5 keep placing randomly in their sentences)
German Spezialität Specialty
Italian Specialità paesana Town Speciality
Korean 마을특산물
Ma-eul Teugsanmul
Village Specialty
Spanish Especial de la Casa House Special