Castle Bleck Key

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Castle Bleck Key
Sprite of the Castle Bleck Key in Super Paper Mario.
Super Paper Mario description A key to a door in Castle Bleck.
Mario acquiring the Castle Bleck Key

The Castle Bleck Key is a key found in Super Paper Mario; it is used for opening the door leading to the O'Chunks fight. It is found in a Treasure Chest in Castle Bleck. Soopa Strikers guard the treasure chest of the key. The keys are normally found by flipping in 3D at a staircase. Mimi's key is found if the player hits the red blocks in the room with the spikes one time and the room with fire snakes four times in a row, but the player has to wait for each tremor to finish. These keys also appear for the Dimentio battle and, the Count Bleck fight.

Another key appears in the Castle Bleck Foyer going to the boss fight against Mimi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒城のカギ
Ankoku-jō no Kagi
Castle Bleck Key

French Clé du Château Niark
Castle Bleck Key