Castle Bleck Foyer

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Castle Bleck Foyer
Peach trying to save Mimi.
Level code 8-2
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Francis (optional)
Music track Castle Bleck
Music sample
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The Castle Bleck Foyer is the foyer of Castle Bleck in Super Paper Mario. It comes after the Castle Bleck Entry and serves as both the setting of Chapter 8-2, and Luigi's escape attempt during Chapter 2's interlude, throughout which he is playable.

Chapter 8-2: The Crash[edit]

Storyline text

An endless labyrinth of mind-boggling turns and deadly enemies...

This final journey was more dangerous and trying than our heroes had seen before.

Mario and friends kept on without Bowser, who was lost in a duel.

There was no time to stop and search for Bowser, or even grieve...

Our heroes knew they had to rush toward the final encounter with Count Bleck.

At the start of the level, the heroes comment on the frequent tremors running through the castle and wonder why Count Bleck's plan involves destroying himself in the process. The first stretch of the level is a hallway filled with Zoing-Oings, a Cursya, Blastboxers and Red Is.

Mimi disguised as Merlon.
"Merlon" telling Mario to hit the blue switch

In the next room, the heroes find Merlon, who says that the Light Prognosticus says to hit the "totally unsuspicious block" next to him. They have no other option, as the door in the room is locked. However, it opens a trapdoor underneath them and they fall into a trap, while Merlon reveals himself to be Mimi. In the trap, Mario, Luigi and Peach must use Boomer to blow up part of the wall so Mario can Flip and go through the hole into another room. The room has a pipe leading up, five slots on the ceiling, with the pipe connected to one, and a door on either side of the room. The door on the right has spikes and Spiky Parabuzzies that can be traversed with Carrie. On the other side of the spikes is a red switch. The left door is filled with Fire Bars and Magiblots, which another red switch at the end. These switches move the pipe to the left or right. They must position the pipe to the slot on the far left, as all the other slots lead to the same empty room. The slot on the left, however, leads to a room above the one with the trapdoor. The room has three chests, two containing items and one containing a Castle Bleck Key. They can fall back into the room with the locked door and continue on.

The next room is a staircase with Gloombas, Hammer Bros., red Koopa Troopas and Fire Bros. Midway up the stairs, there is a door, leading to an area with a few different Cursyas. Mario can flip to find a hidden path leading to an Ultra Shroom Shake. Through the door at the top is another one of Mimi's traps. It is a large room with Mushrooms hanging from the ceiling. Collecting one does restore HP, but opens a trapdoor. Each trapdoor leads to a room with enemies. One has different types of Cherbils, one has Shlorps and one has a Chromeba. When the player falls into a trapdoor, the enemies in the room must be defeated to make a pipe appear, leading back up. One of these enemies has the key to a door in the room.

Mimi disguised as Merlee in Castle Bleck.
"Merlee" questions Mario
Mimi vs. Peach.

Through that door, the heroes find Merlee. She asks them what their three greatest fears are. Each question has three options, a weak enemy, a strong enemy, and an item. After she is done asking, she tells them to enter the door on the right. The next three rooms have what the player told Merlee they feared. The last room will have multiple objects, unless Francis was chosen. After getting through the rooms, they find a furious Merlee waiting. She reveals herself to be Mimi.

Mimi and Princess Peach get into a fight. Mimi makes fun of the fact that Peach always has to be rescued by Mario and Luigi. Peach then orders that the Mario Bros. stay back while she fights Mimi alone. Mimi then shifts into her true form and attacks. Peach wins, but then they all feel another tremor and hurry into the next room. Peach stays back and tries to convince Mimi to find somewhere safe, but a powerful tremor causes the floor to fall out under Mimi. Peach leaps forward to save her, but an aftershock causes them both to fall. In the next room, Mario and Luigi hear the princess scream and want to go back to get her, but the door won't budge and Tippi says they must press on. The Bros. continue on to the Castle Bleck Interior.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Menu description[edit]

  • "This is the ominous foyer of Castle Bleck. It's where Mimi and Peach had their epic duel."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒城 エリア2
Ankoku Jō Eria 2
Castle Bleck Area 2

French Château Niark - Hall
Castle Bleck - Hall
German Burg Knickwitz - Wandelhalle
Château Niark - Foyer
Italian Castel Cenere, foyer
Castle Bleck's Foyer
Korean 암흑성 휴게실
Amheugseong Hyugesil
Castle Bleck Lounge

Spanish (NOE) Vestíbulo del Castillo Cenizo[1]
Castle Bleck's Foyer
The Crash
Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきとつ!

French Le crash
The Crash
German Der Sturz
The Fall
Italian La caduta
The fall
Korean 대결!

Spanish (NOE) La destrucción[1]
The Destruction