Tilt Island

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The minigame, Tilt Island

Tilt Island is a minigame found in Super Paper Mario. According to The InterNed, the music that plays during the minigame also goes by the name "Tilt Island". To play, the player must hold the Wii Remote sideways (the way one would normally hold it in the game) and tilt it to move Mario, Peach, Bowser, or Luigi, depending on which character enters the minigame) left or right. The player catches falling desserts for points while collecting enough desserts to advance to the next round. If the character gets hit by a falling monster or gets tilted off the island, they lose a life. If they lose all three lives, the game's over. The game has a total of twenty levels, and clearing all of them wins the game.

Unlike the other minigames in the arcade, the player's performance in Tilt Island can be influenced by the character they choose to participate as - Peach and Bowser tend to be larger targets and move at a slower pace, making them much more prone to being damaged by falling enemies. Contrariwise, Mario and Luigi are smaller and faster.



While Spinning/Star[edit]

The points are earned when a particular enemy is defeated.


Items that can be collected randomly fall out of the sky. Each item is worth 3000 points.

  • Mushroom: Adds an Extra Life to the player's total.
  • Flower: The player's character starts spinning and can knock away monsters for points.
  • Star: Clears all Monsters from the Screen.

High Scores[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Isla Inclinada Tilted Island
Korean 흔들흔들 아일랜드
Heundeulheundeul Aillaendeu
Shaking Island