Castle Bleck Entry

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Castle Bleck Entry
Level code 8-1
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss O'Chunks
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The Castle Bleck Entry is the entrance to Castle Bleck in Super Paper Mario. It is the setting of both Chapter 8-1, and of Princess Peach's escape attempt during Chapter 1's interlude, throughout which she is playable.

Chapter 8-1: The Impending Darkness[edit]

Storyline text

After finding every Pure Heart, the band of heroes set off for Castle Bleck.

The stakes were high as the ominous void grew larger and the end drew near.

Could Mario and friends stave off the inevitable and overturn the prophecy?

What strange twist of fate awaited Tippi and Count Bleck?

These thoughts plagued the minds of our heroes as the curtain rose on the final act...

The showdown between O'Chunks and Bowser.

The level begins with an ominous pan-out of Castle Bleck. Tippi mentions "Blumiere", but hastily dismisses it. Like all levels in Castle Bleck, the level begins with a hall full of enemies, in this case Koopatrols and Blue Magiblots. Next is a staircase with Goombas and Boomerang Bros.. Along the way up, there is a door leading to the balcony Peach encountered at the end of Chapter 1, though it has enemies on it.

In the next room, there are some Mister Is and Red Is, as well as a locked door. The key can be found by Super Jumping up to a platform and entering the door on it. This will lead out into another open room. Luigi can Super Jump to the top of the walls. On the left wall, there are chests containing a Long-Last Shake and a Stop Watch. On the right, Peach can float across to a pipe, leading to a short hallway filled with Soopa Strikers. At the end, the key is found. The room behind the locked door is another enemy-filled hallway.

The next room is another staircase just like the first, except this one is populated by Fire Bros and in place of the door leading to the balcony, there are five raised torches, with some lit and some not. The order of the torches' states from left to right is: unlit, lit, lit, unlit, lit. The next room contains a Save Block and five torches. Bowser must light them in the same order as the torches seen before to make a staircase appear, with a door at the top.

O'Chunks is waiting on the other side. He taunts the heroes, daring them to try and pass him. Bowser challenges him to a one-on-one duel, which O'Chunks accepts. He then grows to giant size and fights Bowser. Bowser defeats him, but their battle causes the ceiling to fall. O'Chunks catches it, saying they gained the right to pass. Bowser helps him and orders Mario & Luigi to get the princess into the next room. He and O'Chunks launch into an argument about who stays and who leaves, but the ceiling falls before they finish. The heroes hear the thump in the next room, but decide that Bowser has survived worse and that there is no time to search for him. They can then hit the Star Block to end the level.


Menu description[edit]

  • "This is Castle Bleck's grand entry. Bowser wrestled O'Chunks to the ground here."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒城 エリア1
Ankoku Jō Eria 1
Castle Bleck Area 1
French Château Niark - Entrée Castle Bleck - Entry
German Burg Knickwitz - Eingang Castle Bleck - Entry
Italian Castel Cenere, ingresso Castle Bleck's Entry
Korean 암흑성 입구
Amheugseong Ibgu
Entrance to Castle Bleck
Spanish (NOE) Entrada al Castillo Cenizo[1] Entrance to Castle Bleck
The Impending Darkness
Language Name Meaning
Japanese せまりくる暗黒の空と・・・
Semarikuru Ankoku no Sora to...
With the Sky of Impending Darkness...
French Au cœur des ténèbres At the Heart of Darkness
German Bevorstehende Dunkelheit Imminent Darkness
Italian L'oscurità avanza The darkness progresses
Korean 다가오는 암흑의 하늘
Dagaoneun amheug-ui haneul
The Approaching Dark Sky
Spanish (NOE) La oscuridad inminente[1] The Impending Darkness