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In Super Paper Mario, the player can listen to music they have already heard throughout the game by talking to The InterNed in the Underwhere bar. By paying him ten coins, The InterNed will play a random music track, each of which are named. The music continues playing until the player leaves the bar.

Songs associated with certain characters often use their corresponding leitmotifs. For instance, "Champion of Destruction" and "Closing Battle" both use variations of Count Bleck's main theme. The following is a list of the 87 songs The InterNed can play, in the order of appearance.

Song title Description
English Japanese French Italian German Spanish
Today's Story 今日のおは・・・ (Today's Talk is...) Une histoire d'aujourd'hui La storia di oggi Die heutige Geschichte Historieta del día (Anecdote of the Day) Plays over the opening narration in the prologue.
The Wedding Begins ケッコンしきが はじまるぞ (The Wedding Begins) Début du mariage Il matrimonio ha inizio Die Hochzeit beginnt Nos vamos de boda (We Go to [the] Wedding) Plays before Peach and Bowser's wedding in the prologue.
Wedding Waltz ケッコンしきワルツ (Wedding Waltz) Valse des mariés Valzer matrimoniale Hochzeitswalzer Blanca y radiante (White and Radiant) Plays during Peach and Bowser's wedding in the prologue.
Birth of the Chaos Heart コントンのラブパワー たんじょう! (The Chaos Heart is born!) Naissance du Cœur du Chaos Il Cuore Oscuro è nato Das Dunkle Herz Corazón del Caos (Chaos Heart) Plays over the Chaos Heart's appearance in the prologue.
Champion of Destruction はめつを のぞむ (The one willing for destruction) Roi de la destruction Campione della distruzione Meister der Zerstörung Campeón de la destrucción (Champion of Destruction) Plays in the cutscene following the Chaos Heart's explosion in the prologue, during Count Bleck's appearance in Chapter 6, and the cutscene following Count Bleck's defeat.
Super Paper Mario スーパーペーパーマリオ! (Super Paper Mario!) Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario Plays on the title screen.
Mario Bros.' House マリオブラザーズのお (Mario Bros.' House) Chez les frères Mario La casa dei Mario Bros. Haus der Mario Bros. La casa fraternal (The Brotherly House) Plays in the opening cutscene with Mario and Luigi.
Evil King Bowser Here ワガハイは クッパ魔王である! (I'm the Great Demon King Bowser!) Sa Méchanceté Bowser Sua Malvagità Re Bowser Bowser hier! El malvado rey Bowser (The Evil King Bowser) Plays in cutscenes involving Bowser.
The Evil Count Bleck ヨゲンしっこう ノワール伯爵 (The Prophecy Executor, Count Bleck) Niark le maléfique Conte Cenere, il tremendo Böser Graf Knickwitz El malvado conde Cenizo (The Evil Count Bleck) Plays when Count Bleck appears in the opening cutscene and the cutscene before his boss battle.
Flipside ハザマタウン (Flipside) Recto Svoltadilà Flipstadt Villacara (Flipside) Plays in Flipside.
Open the Next Door つぎのトビラを ひらけ! (Open the Next Door!) Une porte à ouvrir La prossima porta Die nächste Tür Abre la otra puerta (Open the Other Door) Plays when returning a Pure Heart to its Heart Pillar. Unlike most other songs, this one does not loop as it plays for only a short duration.
Count Bleck's Plan ノワール伯爵の たくらみ (Count Bleck's Evil Plan) Le plan du Comte Niark Il piano del Conte Cenere Graf Knickwitz' Plan El plan del conde (The Count's Plan) Plays in the interlude cutscenes involving Count Bleck and his minions in Castle Bleck.
And Then... And Then それから それから (And Then, And Then) Et là... E poi... e poi Und dann... Und dann... Y entonces (And So...) Plays over the narrative text between sub-chapters.
Lineland Road ラインラインロード (Lineland Road) Route Fildefer Strada di Linealandia Straße von Linearia Camino Lineal (Lineland Road) Plays in Chapter 1-1. The song is an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World ground themes.
Underground Room 地下部屋 (Underground Room) Salle souterraine Stanza sotterranea Raum im Untergrund Sala subterránea (Underground Room) Plays in underground rooms found via certain Warp Pipes.
An Unrivaled Battle ムテキで けちらせ!(Kick 'em away with Invincibility!) Combat au sommet Una battaglia senza eguali Ein Spitzenkampf Una lucha sin igual (A Fight Like No Other) Plays when a Mega Star is collected. The song is an arrangement of the invincibility theme from Super Mario Bros.
Mount Lineland ラインラインマウンテン (Mount Lineland) Mont Fildefer Monte Linealandia Linienberg Monte Lineal (Mount Lineland) Plays in Chapters 1-2 and 1-3, as well as outside the ruins in Chapter 1-4 and in room 100 of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials.
Strange Company きみょうな なかまたち (Mysterious Partners) En étrange compagnie Strane compagnie Seltsame Gefährten Extrañas compañías (Strange Companies) Plays when meeting a new Pixl, not including Tippi or Tiptron.
O'Chunks, Warrior ぶじん ドドンタス (The Martial Artist, O'Chunks) Mc Astagne le guerrier Pugnazzo, il guerriero O'Klock, Krieger McCachos el guerrero (O'Chunks the Fighter) Plays in cutscenes involving O'Chunks.
Ready, GO! いっくドーーーン! ("CHUNK UP!") Prêt, partez Pronti, via Fertig? Los! Preparados, listos... (Ready, Set...) Plays while fighting O'Chunks.
Yold Ruins コダーイいせき (Yold Ruins) Ruines d'Antan Antiche Rovine Steinaltstadt Ruinas Anticas (Yold Ruins) Plays in Chapter 1-4.
Fracktail Appears ズンババ あらわる (Fracktail Appears) Drakal fait son entrée Entra in scena: Dracker Lohkost erscheint Dracofrac (Fracktail) Plays in the cutscenes before Fracktail and Wracktail's boss battles.
One Shot ききいっぱつ! (Close Call!) En un coup Una possibilità Ein Schuss Una y no más (One and No More) Plays when Fracktail malfunctions in Chapter 1-4, when Mimi appears in one of the rooms in Chapter 2-4, when Francis kidnaps Tippi in Chapter 3-1, while the Floro Sapiens are first seen kidnapping the Cragnons in Chapter 5-1, and during the Skellobit battles in Chapter 7-4.
Fracktail Battle ズンババ バトル (Fracktail Battle) Combat contre Drakal Tema di Dracker Lohkost-Kampf La balada de Dracofrac (The Ballad of Fracktail) Plays while fighting Fracktail and Wracktail.
Soft Light やわらかな (A Soft Light) Douce lumière Luce morbida Dämmerlicht A media luz (In Half Light) Plays in end-chapter cutscenes, as well as whenever visiting Merlumina's shrine or Squirpina XIV's statue and the cutscene before entering Castle Bleck. The song is an arrangement of "Today's Story".
In the Darkness やみので (In the Darkness) Dans les ténèbres Nel buio In der Finsternis En las tinieblas (In the Darkness) Plays during the chapter interludes when controlling Peach or Luigi in Castle Bleck.
Memory 1 おもいで 1 (Memory 1) Souvenirs 1 Memorie 1 Erinnerung I Recuerdos I (Memories 1) Plays over Blumiere's first two memories with Timpani.
Goodnight おやすみなさい (Goodnight) Bonne nuit Buona notte Gute Nacht Buenas noches (Goodnight) Plays when sleeping in one of the inns. Unlike most other songs, this one does not loop as it plays for only a short duration.
The Road for the Lost まよえるを! (Give the Path to the Lost!) La route des perdus La strada verso i perduti Straße der Verlorenen El camino de los perdidos (The Road of the Lost) Plays during Merluvlee's fortunes and Merlee's charms, and when Queen Jaydes returns Mario and Luigi to Flipside.
Get Cooking おりょうりしましょ (Let's get cooking) Aux fourneaux Ai fornelli Kochkurs Manos al fogón (Hands to the Stove) Plays while Saffron or Dyllis is cooking a dish.
Tokens, Please ハザマネー プリーズ! (Flipside Tokens, Please!) Par ici les jetons Gettoni, per favore Chips, bitte! Rien ne va plus (French for "No More Bets!" The actual French title of this track is "Par ici les jetons.") Plays in the Flipside Arcade.
Forget Me Not くるっとピッタンコ! (Forget Me Not) La bonne paire Non dimenticar Vergiss mich nicht Nomeolvides (Forget Me Not) Plays in the "Forget Me Not" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Mansion Patrol オバケバスター (Mansion Patrol) Tir à Boo portant Pattuglia la villa Villa-Patrouille Patrulla de la mansión (Mansion Patrol) Plays in the "Mansion Patrol" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Tilt Island ぐらぐらアイランド (Tilt Island) Balancîle Inclina l'isola Dessert-Insel Isla inclinada (Tilt Island) Plays in the "Tilt Island" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Gloam Valley トワイランド (Gloam Valley) Vallée Crépuscule Valle Crepuscolo Dämmertal Valle del Crepúsculo (Gloam Valley) Plays in Chapter 2-1.
Merlee's Mansion サンデールの (Merlee's Mansion) Manoir de Merlie Villa di Merluna Merlees Villa Mansión de Merlí (Merlee's Mansion) Plays in Chapters 2-2, 2-3 and 2-4.
Mimi the Copycat モノマネ マネーラ (The Impersonating Master, Mimi) Mimic la copieuse Mimì la copiona Mimi, die Wandlerin Mimi la copiona (Mimi Copies Her) Plays in cutscenes involving Mimi. The song is an arrangement of "Merlee's Mansion".
Look Out for Me ワタシに をつけて (Watch Out for Me) J'arrive Cercami Such mich Búscame (Look for Me) Plays when Merlee's ghost appears in Chapter 2-4 and when encountering Mimi disguised as Merlon and Merlee in Chapter 8-2.
Fight Fight ケンカだ ケンカだ! (It's a fight, it's a fight!) Combat Lotta, lotta Kämpfer, kämpfe! Combate con honor (Fight with Honor) Plays in the cutscene where Gnaw attacks Mimi and when the real and fake Merlees fight each other.
And the Question Is さて もんだいです (Now, here's the question) Question pour un doublon E la domanda è Und die Frage ist... Atención, pregunta (Attention, Question) Plays during the "That's My Merlee!" show and the Dorguy quizzes. The intro is only present in the former case.
Mimi Battle マネーラ バトル (Mimi Battle) Combat contre Mimic Tema di Mimì Mimi-Kampf La balada de Mimi (The Ballad of Mimi) Plays while fighting Mimi in Chapter 2-4.
Pit of 100 Trials 100部屋ダンジョン (Pit of 100 Trials) Puits des 100 épreuves Labirinto dei 100 livelli Grube der 100 Prüfungen Cien Mazmorras (Pit of 100 Trials) Plays in the Flipside and Flopside Pits of 100 Trials.
The Open Plane カクカク平原 (The Bitlands) La Plaine Ostalgie Vasta pianura Die Weite Fläche La vasta llanura (The Vast Plain) Plays in Chapters 3-1 and 3-3, as well as after the Tile Pool in Chapter 3-2 and in front of Fort Francis' entrance in Chapter 3-4. The song features parts of the ground theme from Super Mario Bros.
Nostalgic Underground なつかしの 地下部屋 (Nostalgic Underground Room) Souterrain Rétro Sotterraneo romantico Nostalgischer Untergrund Nostalgia subterránea (Nostalgic Underground) Plays in the underground portion of Chapter 3-1. The song is an arrangement of the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros.
A Powerful Enemy Emerges きょうてき あらわる (A strong enemy appears) Un ennemi puissant arrive Un nuovo nemico si palesa Ein starker Gegner Aquí un enemigo (Here[,] an Enemy) Plays while fighting Bowser's army in Chapter 3-1, Big Blooper, Mr. L and Shadoo.
Bowser Battle クッパと勝負! (Showdown with Bowser!) Combat contre Bowser Tema di Bowser Bowser-Kampf La balada de Bowser (The Ballad of Bowser) Plays while fighting Bowser. The song is an arrangement of Dark Land's world map music from Super Mario Bros. 3.
The Tile Pool ドットドット (The Tile Pool) Le Grand Bloups Stagno Quadrettato Das Kachelmeer Gran Mosaico (The Tile Pool) Plays in Chapter 3-2.
Big Blooper Appears ダイオーゲッソー あらわる (Big Blooper Appears) Méga Bloups fait son entrée Entra in scena: GigaCalamako Big Blooper erscheint Blooper Gigante (Big Blooper) Plays in the cutscene before Big Blooper's boss battle. The song is an arrangement of the underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Dimentio, Charming Magician みわくの道化師 ディメーン (Charming Clown, Dimentio) Dimensio le bouffon magicien Dimensio, Mago e gentiluomo Dimenzio, charmanter Magier Dimencio el encantador (Dimentio the Enchanting) Plays in cutscenes involving Dimentio.
It's Showtime イッツァ ショータ~~イム! (It's-a Showtiiiime!) C'est parti pour le show Inizia lo spettacolo Showtime ¡Manos a la obra! (Let's Get On With It!) Plays while fighting Dimentio in Chapters 3-3 and 8-3.
Butterfly ☆ Collecting ウキウキ☆チョウチョさいしゅう (Pleasant☆Butterfly Collecting) Chasse aux papillons Cercando ☆ farfalle Schmetterlinge ☆ fangen Coleccionando mariposas ☆ (Collecting Butterflies ☆) Plays in cutscenes involving Francis.
Fort Francis カメレゴン (Fort Francis) Fort Francis Forte Gino Fort Konrad Fuerte Francis (Fort Francis) Plays in Chapter 3-4.
Swoon.exe ドキドキ♡おしゃべりモード (Swoon.exe) Drague.exe Estasi.exe Babezor.exe Buenorras.exe (Swoon.exe) Plays when Francis uses Swoon.exe to woo Peach. The song is an arrangement of "Butterfly ☆ Collecting".
Francis Battle カメレゴン バトル (Francis Battle) Combat contre Francis Tema di Ginoleonte Konrad-Kampf La balada de Francis (The Ballad of Francis) Plays while fighting Francis.
Memory 2 おもいで 2 (Memory 2) Souvenirs 2 Memorie 2 Erinnerung II Recuerdos II (Memories 2) Plays over Blumiere's third and fourth memories with Timpani. This variation adds an accordion to the background.
Outer Space こうだいな宇宙 (The Vast Universe) Hyper-espace Spazio Profondo Das Weltall Espacio exterior (Outer Space) Plays in Chapters 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3.
Whoa Zone サルガッゾーン (Whoa Zone) Zone Interdite Zona Proibita Boah-Zone Zona Estática (Whoa Zone) Plays in Chapter 4-4.
Mr. L, Green Thunder! ミドリのきこうし ミスターL (The Green-colored Nobleman, Mr. L) Mister L le Tonnerre Vert Mr. L, la Saetta Verde Meister L., grüner Donner El Bandolero Verde (The Green Bandit) Plays in cutscenes involving Mr. L and when Mario and Luigi reunite in the Underwhere.
Brobot Battle エルガンダー バトル (Brobot Battle) Combat contre Frérobot Tema di Frabot Bruboter-Kampf La balada de Fratibot (The Ballad of Brobot) Plays while fighting Brobot.
Flopside ウラハザマタウン (Flopside) Verso Svoltadiqua Flopstadt Villacruz (Flopside) Plays in Flopside. It is a lower-key variant of "Flipside".
Hammer Whacker ジャストンハンマー (Hammer Whacker) Retour marteau Martellomatico Hammerprügler Martillo chichonero (Hammer Whacker) Plays in the "Hammer Whacker" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Gap of Crag ストンストンバレー (Gap of Crag) Canyon Cragnon Canyon di Cromagna Kluft von Klippdorf Abismo de Rocópolis (Gap of Crag) Plays in Chapters 5-1 and 5-2.
Floro Sapien Caverns ハナーンのどうくつ (Floro Sapien Caverns) Cavernes Floro Caverne Floro Sapiens Floro-Höhlen Grutas Floro (Floro Sapien Caverns) Plays in Chapters 5-3 and 5-4.
Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter 人気番組 デビッド・アドベンチャー (Popular Program, Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter) Indiana Crag, crag-trotter Cromagno Jones, esploratore Karl Klippstein Roc Sílex, Rocoaventurero (Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter) Plays in cutscenes involving Flint Cragley.
Truck GO トロッコでGOGO! (GOGO! with minecart) Petit train-train VIA, VIA Wagen HO! Allá va ese camión (There Goes That Truck) Plays while riding the minecarts in Chapter 5-3.
King Croacus Appears キング・ハナーン あらわる (King Croacus Appears) Le roi Crocus fait son entrée Entra in scena: Re Cardo König Krokus erscheint El rey Marchitus (King Croacus) Plays in the cutscene before King Croacus' boss battle.
King Croacus Battle キング・ハナーン バトル (King Croacus Battle) Combat contre le roi Crocus Tema di Re Cardo König Krokus-Kampf La balada de del rey Marchitus (The Ballad of King Croacus) Plays while fighting King Croacus.
Memory 3 おもいで 3 (Memory 3) Souvenirs 3 Memorie 3 Erinnerung III Recuerdos III (Memories 3) Plays over Blumiere's fifth and sixth memories with Timpani, as well as on the ending screen. This variation adds a flute to the background.
Sammer's Kingdom モノノフ王国 (Sammer's Kingdom) Royaume de Sam Ouraï Regno d'Eztate Milits Königreich Reino de Samito (Sammer's Kingdom) Plays in Chapter 6 before the Sammer Guy battles.
Battle Time 勝負でゴザ~~ル! (It's a Showdown!) Fight L'ora della battaglia Zeit zum Kampf Al ataque (Attack) Plays while fighting the Sammer Guys.
I'm Not Nice アタシ やさしくないの (I'm Not Nice) Je suis pas gentil Non son buono, non son bello Ich bin nicht nett! Yo no soy buena gente (I'm Not Good People) Plays while fighting Mimi in Chapters 6-2 and 8-2.
World of Nothing もない世界 (The World Without Anything) Le néant Un mondo di niente Welt des Nichts Mundo de nada (World of Nothing) Plays in Chapter 6-1 following the destruction of Sammer's Kingdom.
Brobot L-Type エルガンダーZ バトル (Brobot L-Type Battle) Combat contre Frérobot Type L Tema di Frabot Mod. L Bruboter Typ L-Kampf Érase un Fratibot modelo L (Defeat Brobot L-Type) Plays while fighting Brobot L-type.
The Underwhere アンダーランド (The Underwhere) L'En-dessous Il Mondodigiù Untendrunten Masacá (The Underwhere) Plays in Chapters 7-1 and 7-2.
River Twygz Bed サンズ・リバーのソコ (The Bottom of River Twygz) Rivière de Larmes Il letto del fiume Ztige Flussbett des Unnüx Aguas del río Estigiax (Waters of the River Styx) Plays at the bottom of River Twygz. Distorted, unintelligible voices can be heard in the background.
Overthere Stair スカイロード (Overthere Stair) Escalier de l'Au-delà Scale per il Mondodisu Treppe nach Obendroben Escaleras de Masallá (Overthere Stair) Plays in Chapters 7-3 and 7-4.
Bonechill Appears シニガミダス あらわる (Bonechill Appears) Glacirex fait son entrée Entra in scena: Freddossa Frostschock erscheint Bocafría (Bonechill) Plays in the cutscene before Bonechill's boss battle.
Bonechill Battle シニガミダス バトル (Bonechill Battle) Combat contre Glacirex Tema di Freddossa Frostschock-Kampf La balada de Bocafría (The Ballad of Bonechill) Plays while fighting Bonechill.
Memory 4 おもいで 4 (Memory 4) Souvenirs 4 Memorie 4 Erinnerung IV Recuerdos IV (Memories 4) Plays over Blumiere's final memory. This variation adds a pan flute to the main melody.
Castle Bleck 暗黒城 (Castle Bleck) Château Niark Castel Cenere Burg Knickwitz Castillo Cenizo (Castle Bleck) Plays throughout Chapter 8. The song incorporates parts of the game's main theme, Count Bleck's theme and "In the Darkness". It also contains some 8-bit sound effects and a clock ticking in the background.
Closing Battle おわりへの たたかい (The Fight to the End) Combat final La battaglia finale Letzter Kampf Enfrentamiento final (Final Showdown) Plays while fighting Count Bleck.
The Ultimate Show サイコーのショー (The Outstanding Show) Le show ultime L'ultimo spettacolo Die ultimative Show El mejor espectáculo (The Best Show) Plays during the final battle with Super Dimentio. The song uses parts of Dimentio and Mr. L's themes.
Promise ヤクソク (Promise) Promesse Prometti Versprechen Promesas (Promises) Plays in the cutscene after Count Bleck and Tippi are warped to Dimension D during the final battle. The song is an arrangement of the "Memory" themes, a happier variant of Count Bleck's theme, and (slightly) "Soft Light".
End of the World 世界 ほうかい!? (The Destruction of the World!?) Un air de fin du monde La fine del mondo Ende der Welt El fin de los mundos (The End of the Worlds) Plays in the cutscene following Super Dimentio's defeat and Luigi's release. The song is a variation of "The Ultimate Show" without the main melody.
Bounding Through Time ときを こえて (Through the Time) Saut dans le temps Legame nel tempo Sprung durch die Zeit Saltos temporales (Temporal Leaps) Plays in the penultimate cutscene when Count Bleck and Tippi marry. The song is an arrangement of "Memory 4", as well as a happier version of Count Bleck's theme and the Pure Hearts' theme.
Proof of Existence きている あかし (Proof of being alive) Signe de vie Prova d'esistenza Daseinsberechtigung Certificado de existencia (Certificate of Existence) Plays in the final cutscene after the characters return to Flipside.
Staff Credits スタッフロール (Staff Roll) Crédits Riconoscimenti Staff Credits Créditos (Credits) Plays over the end credits.


  • Unused music can be found in the game's files, including another arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme whose file name suggests that it was an opening theme for a Chapter 3 level, and a tune that was intended to be used for the Happy Flower.[1]


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