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Luigi answering one of Dorguy the First's questions correctly.

Dorguys are doors in Super Paper Mario, only appearing in The Underwhere. When first seen, they are normal doors that cannot be opened. When using Tippi, if the player points to these doors and presses the "A" button, the Door comes to life.

There are only three known Dorguys. The first two ask questions and the last one has the heroes battle the Underchomp. The first Dorguy asks questions that seem ridiculously complicated at first, but always end up simple; e.g. "What is my name?". The second Dorguy asks questions involving colored shapes on a screen à la Brain Age. The third one summons the Underchomp and Mario and co. must fight it in a turn based manner similar to EarthBound. The Dorguys have names: Dorguy the First, Dorguy the Second and Dorguy the Third. Their names are a portmanteau of the words 'door' and 'guy', and their faces have the same features as those of the Black Chest Demons from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンバーン
Elongation of「門番」(monban, door guard)
German Lasse Einar Originates on the verb Hereinlassen which means to let somebody in.
Korean 문지기
Spanish Portalón Superlative of portal (gate).