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All the Tileoids.

Tileoids are creatures that, as their name implies, resemble tiles. They only appear in Super Paper Mario. These enemies have eyes and are broken up into nine different shaded segments of a square (much like a tile), and they are common in the Dotwood Tree and Outer Space. They strongly resemble the loading indicators used commonly for Wii software. They act similar to Hotheads and Spike Tops, hanging into walls, though unlike them, Tileoids can be stomped on. There are five types of Tileoids:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイール
From English word "tile" with Japanese long-vowel mark attached
French Mozaic Pun on "mosaïque" (mosaic)
German Kachelbot Tilebot
Italian Piastrelloide Portmanteau of "piastrella" (tile) and the suffix "-oide" (-oid)
Korean 타일
Spanish Mosak Derived from "mosaico" (mosaic)
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