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This article is about the Space location in Super Paper Mario. For other uses, see Space.
Outer Space
SPM Outer Space Squarp Hole.png
World-Level 4-1
Game Super Paper Mario
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Outer Space is the setting of Chapter 4 in Super Paper Mario. Chapter 4 may not take place in the outer space above the Mushroom Kingdom, but rather that of another dimension. It was once the location of the Squirpia kingdom. Upon arriving to Outer Space, the heroes realize they are unable to breathe, which forces them to return to Flipside to try to find a Space Helmet. After taking notice of the fishbowl Merlon gave to Pook, Mario, Peach and Bowser ask for permission to use the bowl as helmet. Pook agrees to this, but only after the heroes find Captain Gills, who was already too big for the fishbowl, a nearby place to live. After setting Captain Gills free in the canal on the basement floor of Flipside, the heroes proceed to Outer Space.

In Chapter 4-1, the heroes meet Squirps, a mysterious alien creature who functions as a ray gun for stages 4-1 and 4-3, as well as in the battle against Brobot. A large portion of this chapter involves a Squarp Hole maze, which requires the player to remember which Holes are linked to which in order to progress.


  • Chapter 4-1: Into Outer Space (Outer Space)
  • Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency (Planet Blobule)
  • Chapter 4-3: The Gates of Space (Outer Limits)
  • Chapter 4-4: The Mysterious Mr. L (The Whoa Zone)

Chapter 4-1: Into Outer Space[edit]

Storyline text

Through the fierce battle against Francis, Tippi and the Mario gang grew closer.

Behind a fourth door lay a whole new world that beckoned to them both.

What awaited was vaster and stranger than anything they'd encountered so far...

In order to claim the Pure Heart, they would have to endure new, far-out trials...
Mario freaking out about no air.
Mario finding Squirps.

As soon as the the team move into the Green door they find themselves in outer space. Tippi takes them back to Flipside, and they need to find a Space Helmet to continue. This space helmet is acquired by talking to Pook in Flipside, who has a fishbowl that can be used as a helmet. Pook would then accept to give the player the fishbowl if they could find a place to put Captain Gills, Pook's fish, in a place where he could still be able to live in. After doing so, they come back into the door, and come across an alien capsule which contains Squirps, an alien. The level revolves around a warphole maze that is to be navigated by the player with the help of Squirps.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大宇宙
The Universe
Spanish Espacio exterior Literal translation
German Weltall Space
Italian Spazio Profondo Deep Space

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  • If on the second visit to the level the player consistently answers "no" to the prompt to use the space helmet, Tippi will personally attempt to convince them otherwise. After that, if the player says "no" thrice, she will abandon the player in frustration, resulting in a game over. Upon further visits, the helmet is equipped automatically once they pass through the door.