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“Behold the first floor! The second floor lift is by the charmer's place. I looooove being up high! People look like little bugs, and I feel like I can fly! Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee I want to go up there now! ❤️ Perhaps I shall do it later...”
Lucy, Super Paper Mario

Lucy is a resident of the town of Flopside in Super Paper Mario. According to Tippi, she is independent, makes her own rules, and has a noble heart, although is often misunderstood. Like most Flopsiders, she has a look-alike in Flipside, in this case being Muffy. Her favorite word is "drama", possibly indicating that she loves to gossip.

In the PAL version, this girl is called Lacy; while her Flipside counterpart is now called Lucy instead of Muffy, as "muff" is considered a rude word in the UK. However, the scores in the Flipside Arcade are still listed under MFFY.