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Species Nimbi
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Are the fell beasts gone? So it is safe for me to come out thither?”
Yebbi, Super Paper Mario

Yebbi is a Nimbi sage who appears in Super Paper Mario. He is the most cautious and fearful of the Nimbi sages. Yellow, his primary color, is known to be most associated with humor and cowardice.

When Mario first encountered Yebbi, he actually had not seen him in person. Yebbi was afraid of the monsters invading The Overthere and decided to hide in a restroom. When Mario and co. knocked, Yebbi asked who they were. The responses available to the player were: "Mario!", "Grambi!", and, comically, "A monster!". The first response varies depending on which character the player is using at the time.

If the player chooses to respond "Mario!", Yebbi declares: "Mario? What a strange name! Thou must be a monster!" If the player responds "Grambi!", Yebbi insists: "Grambi? Thou liest! Thou must be a monster!" Then, ironically, when the player responds "A monster!", he shouts: "Thou LIEST! No monster would admit to being a monster! Which means... thou art not a monster?" Then, he comes out of the restroom.

Even when he first came out, he was unwilling to give the party the orb, but he reluctantly agreed when Luvbi threatened to tell everyone he had been hiding in the bathroom. He came out and relinquished the Yellow Orb, which was required to build a bridge to Grambi's shrine.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キーエル
Kī Eru
From「黄色」(ki'iro, yellow) and「エルエル人」(Erueru Jin, Nimbi)
French Jaubi Comes from "jaune" (yellow) and "Nimbi"
German Gelbi From "gelb" (yellow) and "Nimbi"
Italian Gialbì From "giallo" (yellow) and "Nimbì"
Korean 옐로엘
From「옐로」(yello, yellow) and「러브엘」(Leobeu-el, Nimbi)
Spanish (NOE) Amabí[1] From "amarillo" ('yellow') and "Nimbí" ('Nimbi')