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This article is about the NPC from Super Paper Mario. For the Toad character from Paper Mario, see Mort T. For the real world game designer nick-named "Mort" on Miiverse, see Stephen Mortimer.
“DANG! DANG! DANG! IT ALL! Why do all of these games have to be so HARD?! I've already spent 1,000 coins! That's just today my savings are pretty much gone... But I don't care! It's so much fun I want to play MOOORE! I mean I moved to this town JUST for the arcade. THAT'S how much I love games! It wasn't easy leaving home and all...but I LOVE games, so it's worth it! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'll use my super-secret savings to play a few more!”
Mort, Super Paper Mario

Mort is a former resident of Flopside from Super Paper Mario. He is a game lover and is always at the Flipside Arcade, from before it even opens until it closes. According to Tippi (and Tiptron), he lost more than just coins there, and also comments that he needs some video-game restraint. Originally, Mort would always lose at the games he played and would blow all his money on them. After the end of Chapter 7, though he begins to get better and after the end of the game, he ends up getting the high score on all the games there.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブラー
Both this and Hort's Japanese name「ギャン」(Gyan) are probably from「ギャンブラー」(gyanburā, gambler)

French Balo
German Dino
Italian Enzo
Common name
Spanish Samu