Rubee Savings and Loan

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Rubee Savings and Loan, after the debt is paid.

Rubee Savings and Loan is a small company appearing in Super Paper Mario. It is a bank located in Merlee's Mansion, owned and operated by Mimi. Mimi tricks visitors of the mansion into taking out enormous loans of Rubees that they are unable to pay off. They are then forced to stay in the mansion and work off their debt by either hitting blocks to generate electricity or by running in wheels.

During the events of Chapter 2-3, Mario and Princess Peach are tricked into breaking a vase belonging to Mimi. She claims that the vase cost 1,000,000 Rubees. When they are unable to pay, they join the rest of Mimi's slaves until they are able to pay Mimi her owed Rubees.

Rubee Savings and Loan can be accessed through the bottom right door of the mansion. It is decorated with several posters and a clock, which is in sync with the Wii's internal clock. In the middle of the room is Mimi's desk, above which is a digital counter that records the remaining debt Mario and Peach owe. To the far right of the room is a wall, shown to be bars in 3-D. The Star Block appears behind the bars after the debt is paid off.

When interacting with Mimi, the player may do one of four things. They may pay off any Rubees that they have and check their balance. They may also tell Mimi that they are only "dropping in for kicks", in which case she tells them to get lost, or that they love her, to which she responds that she loves Rubees and the player should get her some right now.

Once Mario and Peach pay off their debt (either by earning Rubees as slaves or by finding Mimi's safe full of Rubees), Mimi exclaims in shock that they have broken the curse she put on the mansion (which is likely the reason the Return Pipe does not work inside the mansion until the debt is paid) and fakes her death by exploding. Her entire operation is shut down for the remainder of the game, though the bank can still be visited.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Rubis & Cie, Epargne et Crédit
Rubees & Co, Savings and Loan