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Super Paper Mario Enemy
Enemy Name
SPM Sammer Guy.png
Location(s) Sammer's Kingdom
Max HP 10-80
Attack 1-8
Defense 0-3
Score See article
Card Type Uncommon
Card Location(s)
Card Description
This is one of King Sammer's legendary Sammer Guys. They're pretty sensitive about their honor.
That is a Sammer Guy. This martial artist serves King Sammer... Max HP is 1-99. Attack is 1-10. Defense is 0-4. Basic attack patterns are similar, but every Sammer Guy is different... There are 100 of them in all. You will have to adapt to fighting each one... They always fight with great honor...

(each Sammer Guy also has a separate Tattle)

List of Catch Cards
196           214           215

Sammer Guys, Super Paper Mario

Sammer Guys are vassals in Super Paper Mario that fight for King Sammer. There are 100 of them in all, each guarding a gate for their King to fight challengers in the Duel of 100. There are two sub-species: Small Sammer Guy and Big Sammer Guy. There are also many variants of each type, but those are just different kinds of weapons and armor a Sammer Guy uses, making those all Sammer Guys as well.

They were all destroyed along with their dimension when it was sucked up by The Void, but were restored along with their land after Dimentio, the Chaos Heart, and The Void were destroyed. If Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi defeat all 100 Sammer Guys afterward, King Sammer will banish them all to a vacation somewhere, and they cannot be seen or fought again.

Their name is a pun of "samurai." Almost all individual names of Sammer Guys are references to things from previous Mario games. Sammer Guys also tend to behave very humorously, especially in terms of dialogue. Also, Tippi's tattle on them are notable for being completely unhelpful, only telling random information about each Sammer Guy, such as how Zesty Recipe makes warm, gooey brownies for the Sammer Guy break hour. However, tattling Jade Blooper, the first Sammer Guy, when fighting him the first time does yield stats on Sammer Guys in general.

Different Types of Sammer Guys[edit]

  • Green - Normal, never jumps.
  • Blue - Jumps often.
  • Red - Shoots rays from sword; later red ones can jump as well.
  • Knight - Shoots beams from sword, jumps and has a spike.
  • Big Knight - Spike on head, jumps and rolls.
  • Spike - Spike on Sammer Guy's head, this can be mixed with any other type.
  • Small - Very quick, but always have 1 HP.
  • Big - Large, powerful Sammer Guy that holds a club; as the Chapter number increases, Big Sammer Guys will jump and roll more and more frequently.
  • Mace - Intermixed with other types, the Sammer Guy wields a mace instead of a sword.
  • Flashing - Can flip dimensions. He can make his sword long and can stab the player with it.
  • Neon Mace - Neon colored Sammer Guy with a mace. Sometimes he shoots beams.
  • End Boss - a Big Sammer Guy with the highest stats, gold armor and high speed for his size; he can breathe fire just like Bowser.
  • Metallic Blue - Acts exactly like the Green Sammer Guy.


The score awarded after beating a Sammer Guy does not depend on his type, but rather on his number:

  • 1st-24th: 500
  • 25th: 2000
  • 26th-49th: 600
  • 50th: 2000
  • 51st-74th: 700
  • 75th: 2000
  • 76th-95th: 800
  • 96th-99th: 1000
  • 100th (End Boss): 5000

List of Sammer Guys[edit]

Main article: List of Sammer Guys

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブブドー
Spanish Samitero Habitant of the Sammer's Kingdom.
French Saduraï Pun on the "mou" (soft) of samouraï (samurai) and dur (tough)
Italian Tipo Eztivo Tipo means "guy", "eztivo" is a distortion of estivo, meaning "pertaining to summer". Like their name, in the Italian version, Sammer Guys always use "z" instead of "s" when speaking.