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Super Paper Mario enemy
Location(s) Fort Francis (3-4)
Max HP 1
Attack 2
Defense ??
Score 500
Card type Common
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card description
It's the latest in feline firepower: a kitty cannon. Check out the visors they're sporting. Classy!
This is a SurpriseMeow. Francis created this security bot to patrol the castle. Max HP is 1 and Attack is 2. It is heavily armored, so don't bother attacking it... If you want to beat it, throw something in its open mouth that can damage it...
List of Catch Cards
127           128           129
A SurpriseMeow with its cannon showing

The SurpriseMeow is an enemy in Super Paper Mario. It is found only in Chapter 3-4. The SurpriseMeow shoots Meowbombs at the player when it spots them. While the outside is impenetrable, the player must use Thoreau to clog its cannon with a Meowbomb. When it explodes, it will destroy the SurpriseMeow. Two SurpriseMeows are found in the game.

Related Species[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドカニャン
Doka Nyan
From「ドカン」(dokan, onomatopoeic term for "kaboom") and「ニャン」(nyan, meow)
French Miaoulargue From "miaou" (meow) and "largue" (drop)
German Miauberraschung Portmanteau of "miau" (meow) and "überraschung" (surprise)
Italian Sorpresamiao SurpriseMeow
Korean 쿠쿵냐옹
Kukung Nyaong
Coo Coo Meow
Spanish Sorprebot From "sorpresa" (surprise) and "bot"