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“Brrrr... Monsters most foul... How dare they freeze me... I shall get them!”
Monbi, Super Paper Mario
Monbi, a minor Nimbi
Monbi after he is thawed out of a block of ice

Monbi is a minor character found in Super Paper Mario, a young, healthy Nimbi child who resides in The Overthere. Like most Nimbis, his name is a portmanteau of a month, day, or season and "Nimbi". In this case, his name is a combination of "Monday" and "Nimbi".

Monbi is found frozen in a block of ice right after the Overvator is used. Bowser may use his fire breath to melt the ice and speak to him. Angered, he vows to get the enemies who froze him. Sprinbi, a young Nimbi girl, is frozen in a block of ice near him.

According to Tippi's tattle, Monbi is a hearty and active boy with wild mood swings and unpredictable, varying emotions.


  • "That's Monbi... He's a hearty and active Nimbi boy... He has wild mood swings... One minute he's angry, then he's crying or laughing..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲツエル
Getsu Eru
Possibly from「月曜日」(Getsuyōbi, Monday) and「エルエル人」(Erueru Jin, Nimbi)