Dimension D

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“In this mind-bending realm, my attacks are 256 times more potent!”
Dimentio, Super Paper Mario
Bowser fighting Dimentio in Dimension D

Dimension D is a small, green dimension created by Dimentio in the game Super Paper Mario. Originally intended to multiply the power of Dimentio by 256, the feat was unintentionally granted to all who entered, meaning that relatively speaking everyone's stats remained the same (although Dimentio implies after their first encounter that he may have actually hoped for this to happen in regards to Mario and his party). This may be a homage to 8-bit storage capacity; objects are stored in a maximum of 256 values (0 to 255), and going past the highest value (255) overflows back to the lowest value (0).

Dimentio first challenges the heroes of the game at Dimension D from the Dotwood Tree of The Bitlands. The player also fights a powerful, mind-controlled O'Chunks twice here. In the second fight he has been brainwashed by a Floro Sprout and is called O'Cabbage in Dimension D during the last stage of Floro Caverns. When Count Bleck is defeated, Dimentio sends him, an unconscious Nastasia, and Tippi to this dimension, but all of them escape later thanks to the help of the Pure Hearts, despite the fact that Dimension D was designed to be inescapable.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Dimensión D Dimension D
French Dimension D
German Dimension D