Dimension D

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“In this mind-bending realm, my attacks are 256 times more potent!”
Dimentio, Super Paper Mario
Bowser in Dimension D with Dimentio.
Bowser fighting Dimentio in Dimension D

Dimension D is a small, green dimension visited in Super Paper Mario. Created by Dimentio, it contains a wide room with a similar grid-based appearance to The Bitlands, and a sinusoidal pattern in the background. The main known use for the dimension throughout the game is to serve as an arena for boss battles.

Dimentio originally intended for Dimension D to multiply his power by 256. Upon winning the battle against him, the player character claims that the dimension made them more powerful as well, leaving everyone's stats unchanged relative to each other. This may be a homage to 8-bit storage capacity: 8-bit integers have 256 possible values, so adding 256 (although not multiplying by it) will overflow the integer and result in no net change.

Dimentio first challenges the heroes of the game at Dimension D from the Dotwood Tree of The Bitlands. The player also fights O'Chunks twice here, first from the Gap of Crag, and again during the last stage of Floro Caverns while he is brainwashed by a Floro Sprout.

When Count Bleck is defeated, Dimentio sends him, an unconscious Nastasia, and Tippi to this dimension, but all of them escape later thanks to the help of the Pure Hearts.

The Void is absent from the background of this dimension.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディメ~ン空間
Dimēn Kūkan
ディメーン ワールド[1]
Dimēn Wārudo
Dimentio Space

Dimentio World
French Dimension D
German Dimension D
Spanish Dimensión D Dimension D