Dark Dayzee

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Super Paper Mario enemy
Dark Dayzee
Sprite of a Dark Dayzee from Super Paper Mario.
Location(s) Flopside Pit of 100 Trials (Rooms 75 and 94)
Max HP 99
Attack 20
Defense 0
Score 9990
Items Dayzee Tear
Card type Uncommon
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card description
Dark Dayzees sprout in a certain secret pit. Even in the dark... This flower's got style!
It’s a Dark Dayzee. They live in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 99. Attack is 20. They sing to attack... Most Dayzees look happy, but the dark ones are actually scowling... But you can’t tell because they’re cloaked in shadow... Too bad...
List of Catch Cards
61           62           63

Dark Dayzees are shadowy Amazy Dayzees in Super Paper Mario. They appear in floors 75 and 94 of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials. They are even stronger than the Amazy Dayzee. They have the highest enemy attack power in the game, (same as the Amazy Dayzees from the first two Paper Mario games) but they tend to run away instead of fight. If a player does manage to defeat a Dark Dayzee, they are rewarded with 9990 points, the same amount as Super Dimentio, Wracktail and Shadoo's 4 forms. Dark Dayzee Catch Cards sell for sixty coins.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カゲのパンジーさん
Kage no Panjīsan
Shadow Crazee Dayzee
French Daisy Sombre Dark Daisy
German Dunkel-Susel-Dusel Dunkel means "dark", rest see Crazee Dayzee
Italian Gigliola ombra Shadow Crazee Dayzee
Korean 그림자제비꽃씨
Geurimja Jebikkotssi
Shadow Crazee Dayzee
Spanish Margamola Oscura Dark Amazy Dayzee