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“HOT GIRL ALERT! We must've been fated to meet! Yes! You are my destiny! Please! Go out with me!”
Lock, Super Paper Mario
A screenshot of Lock talking to Princess Peach.

Lock was forced to work for Mimi in Merlee's Mansion in Super Paper Mario. He is found in Chapter 2-1 of Gloam Valley. If the player talks to him as Peach, he becomes infatuated with her and tells Peach it is fated that they met. He asks her to go out with him, which Peach rejects by telling him that she is going to Merlee's Mansion. He then warns her about bad things that will happen to her if she goes to the mansion. Peach asks him what will happen to her, but Lock does not say because he does not want to remember. After that, he once again asks Peach to go out with him. Peach again rejects Lock, but tells him that if she does not come back, he can come and save her.

If the player talks to him as Mario, he tells him to 'get lost' and go to Merlee's Mansion, contradicting what he says to Peach.

If Peach talks to Lock after defeating Mimi in the mansion, Lock expresses his jealousy for Mario because he is traveling with a "cute cutie" (Peach). After beating the game, he remarks on how Mario saved the world and will likely attract a lot of girls before asking him what his secret is.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プリー
Both this and Dupp's name「ズナー」(Zunā) are derived from「プリズナー」(purizunā, prisoner).

Italian Lucky