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Peach participating in the "That's My Merlee!" show

The "That's My Merlee!" show is a quiz show seen in Super Paper Mario. It is a game show, hosted by The InterNed, which makes the player try to find out which Merlee is real after Mimi makes herself look identical to Merlee. The game show is very similar to the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off from Paper Mario, as well as the 65th Super Fun Quirk Quiz and 66th Annual Quirk Quiz from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The InterNed calls it the 66th Annual... "That's My Merlee!" show!, which is a reference to these quizzes.

In the "That's My Merlee!" show, the contestant asks both Merlees a total of five questions. For the most part, the answers will point to the real Merlee. After asking them five questions, the player gets to pick the right Merlee; however, the answers are not the only way to identify the real Merlee from Mimi. In the end, it does not make any difference who the player picks, since Mimi will attack the player either way.

Questions and answers[edit]

Questions Mimi's Answers Merlee's Answers
When's your birthday? I bloomed in May, the 5th was the day! What day did I arrive? Oh yes, March, day 25!
What's the best food? Tangerines! That's my scene! Strawberries! Ooh, yummies!
What guy's your type? Oh, how can I share when... ...the guy's right there. Hee hee...I love them all, see... Nope! No type for me!
What's the best animal? An adorable little demon, all sweatin' and steamin'! A little bear cubbie, just as cute as can be!
What's the best smell? Old cheese, yes, please! Fresh air, I swear!
What are you into? I like watching rerun shows of "Super Ultra Goomba Bros.!" Catalogues for crystal balls, that's where my interest falls.
What do you want most? I want a boyfriend, please! I'd love a guy to squeeze! Crystal ball. The newest kind! Nice ones are hard to find!
What's your nickname? Not to go and make a fuss, but I was the "Odd Porpoise." It is not a name to boast, but I was the "Bashful Ghost."
What do you wash first? I start with the tile mold, then the faucets, hot and cold... Not that you should care, but I wash my bangs of hair.
What's your best feature? Well, that would have to be my effervescent personality. People seem to love it, see. The lobes of my perfect ears. They got voted by my peers to be "Lobes of the Year."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どっちが ホンモノの サンデールでショー
Docchi ga Honmono no Sandēru de Shō
"Which One Is the Real Merlee" show
French Tournez Merlie Litterally "Spin Merlie". It's a reference to a french show "Tournez manège !"
German "Die echteste Merlee der Welt!" "The World's Realest Merlee!"
Italian Tutti pazzi per Merluna! Litterally "Everyone crazy for Merlee"; it could also be a reference to the Italian title of There's Something About Mary
Spanish "¡Esa es mi Merlí!" "That's My Merlee!"

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