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Novbi and Fallbi near the Overvator.
Fallbi to the right of the Save Block

Fallbi is a young Nimbi living in The Overthere. Her name is a pun on the season of Fall, and her boyfriend, Novbi, may be named after the last month of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. When Mario first meets Fallbi in Super Paper Mario, her boyfriend has been completely frozen, but with Bowser's help, they are reunited. Fallbi loves eating candy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アキエル
Aki Eru
From「秋」(aki, "autumn") and「エルエル人」(Erueru Jin, "Nimbi")

French Autobi
From automne ("autumn") and "Nimbi"
Italian Autobì
Derived from autunno ("autumn") and Nimbì ("Nimbi")