Dorguy the First

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Luigi correctly answering one of his questions.
“Halt! What's this, then? Travelers have come? Now! Queen Jaydes demands I guard this door, people! I'm Dorguy the First. Lotsa monsters around, folks. Lotsa monsters. So I've gotta do routine checks, OK? Sorry for the trouble folks, but I need to make sure you're trustworthy. Just a couple questions. Answer them all correctly and we're done here. Then you can head on through.”
Dorguy the First, Super Paper Mario

Dorguy the First is the first of Queen Jaydes's guardian doors in Super Paper Mario. He is found in the path from The Underwhere to The Overthere. He will only open to trustworthy people and not let any enemies pass by. He will ask Mario & Co. several questions before he lets them pass, but his questions have nothing to do with the facts he gives the player, with the exception of Question 3. He is followed by Dorguy the Second, and then Dorguy the Third. The three Doorguys play a similar role as the Guard Doors found in Bowser's Castle during the events of Paper Mario, and their faces resemble the faces of the Black Chest Demons from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Answers to Questions[edit]

Question 1: Queen Jaydes
Question 2: Dorguy the First
Question 3: 6 times