Dorguy the Second

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Mario solving one of Dorguy the Second's puzzles
“Halt! What's this, then? Travelers have come? Now! Queen Jaydes demands I guard this door, folks! I'm Dorguy the Second. Look, I apologize for the intrusion, but I gotta run a quick security check here. I've got a few questions. Answer them all correctly, and I'll wave you on through. ACTIVATE SCREEN!”
Dorguy the Second, Super Paper Mario

Dorguy the Second is the second of Queen Jaydes' guardian doors during the events of Super Paper Mario, and the only one with red eyes, rather than orange. He is found deeper in the path from The Underwhere to The Overthere than Dorguy the First. In accordance with Jaydes' orders, he must only open to trustworthy people and not let any enemies pass by like the other doors. Like Dorguy the First, he must ask the heroes several questions. His questions have to do with memorizing the shapes, colors, and moving patterns of the geometrical figures that appear on his personal screen. Unlike Dorguy the First, he does not tell the heroes if they answered a question correctly or not, and instead gives a percentage after all of the questions have been answered. His questions are a reference to the game Brain Age, and he even tells the heroes their own "Brain Age" when the questions are over. He is followed by Dorguy the Third.


# Question Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3
1 How many red objects were there? 1 2 3
2 How many triangles were there, folks? 1 2 3
3 What color were the moving objects? Blue Red Schmorange
4 Off the top of your head, what number question is this? 4 5 1,000,000,000
5 What shape was the most plentiful, folks? Triangles Squares Donuts

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンバーン2
Monbān 2
Dorguy 2
French Halteula Deuxième
German Lasse Einar II Let in the 2nd
Italian Portone II Door/Portal the 2nd
Spanish Portalón Segundo

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