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Rebbi, the red Nimbi sage
Rebbi, Super Paper Mario

Rebbi is a red Nimbi sage in Super Paper Mario. He is the most aggressive, passionate, and courageous of the Nimbi sages, matching his color (red is known as a color of passion).

While in Sector Seven of The Overthere, Mario, Peach, Bowser and Luigi encounter Rebbi fighting the invading Skellobits. Upon Mario's arrival, Rebbi requests Mario and co's help in defeating the Skellobits. Once his request is granted, Rebbi gives Mario and co. the Red Orb, one of the three orbs required to build the bridge to Grambi's castle.

Later on, beyond the bridge, Mario and his party are stopped by a massive squadron of Skellobits and Skellobombers. Rebbi shows up to help the heroes defeat them. After recovering his health and strength, Rebbi manages to gather a brigade of Nimbis, who then engage the Skellobombers in a fierce aerial battle, thereby allowing Mario and Co. to head for Grambi's castle without any interruptions.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アカエル
Red Eru
French Roubi Comes from rouge (red) and "Nimbi"