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Super Paper Mario enemy
Sprite of a Warpid from Super Paper Mario.
Location(s) Outer Space (4-1), Outer Limits (4-3)
Role Common
Max HP 10
Attack 2
Defense 0
Score 500
Card type Common
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card description
This space case warps around here and there. It won't bother you. Just let it do its thing.
That's a Warpid, a being of pure energy that can warp through space... Max HP is 10 and Attack is 2. It will pursue any new discovery... Don't allow yourself to be mesmerized by its slowly undulating lines...
List of Catch Cards
133           134           135

The Warpid is an enemy in Super Paper Mario, living in Outer Space. Its name comes from "warp," its method of transportation. If the player needs to destroy it, they must wait until the process of warping is complete. If it is only partly visible, it cannot be attacked.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワープワープ
Wāpu Wāpu
Warp Warp

French Télépote
Pun on "téléportation" (teleportation) and "pote" (buddy)
German Warpid
Italian Warpid
Korean 워프리

Spanish Portelino
From "portal" and the diminutive suffix "-ino"