The Tile Pool

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The Tile Pool
The Tile Pool
Level code 3-2
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Big Blooper
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The Tile Pool
3D mode.

The Tile Pool is a large body of water found in The Bitlands in Super Paper Mario. It is the setting of Chapter 3-2 of the game. Its name is a pun on the words "tile" (due to the pixelated theme of the world) and "tide pool", a small accumulation of water found on beaches after a tide comes in.

Chapter 3-2: Bloops Ahoy[edit]

Storyline text

With Bowser in the party, the three heroes made a most unlikely trio.

Peach attempted to explain the quest to Bowser, but it made him grunt in confusion.

As Mario walked ahead, he spotted something that made him briefly stop and stare...

"What is it, Mario?" asked Peach, as she turned to see the blue expanse ahead.

The great, glittering waves of the Tile Pool stretched as far as she could see.

Fort Francis was somewhere across the water...

Clue in the Tile Pool
A cavern with a clue on the wall in the Tile Pool.

Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser reach the Tile Pool on their quest to save Tippi from Francis. The vast majority of the level takes place underwater. The first section of the level contained many Hard Blocks and Cheep Cheeps, with a Mushroom in a ? Block. Further on there is a Blooper, a pile of Hard Blocks and a ? Block containing a Happy Flower. Immediately after is a large rock sticking down into the water over a whirlpool that can suck the player down, doing damage. The next section has more Hard Blocks and a Blooper, followed by a tight hall filled with Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers.

After the hall is a group of six posts in the ground and a pipe surrounded by blocks, which can be reached via flip. There is also a Save Block here. Down the pipe is a short stretch with a whirlpool that throws the player back to where they came from and a hole through which a giant Blooper's tentacle may attack. The path then forks, either going up to a pipe or further on to the right. Behind the pipe in 3-D, a Gold Bar can be found in a chest.

To the right is another stretch with whirlpools and more giant tentacles, leading to a drawing of the six posts earlier in the area, showing them at different levels in the order: up, down, down, up, down, up.

Through the pipe is a dry hallway and some Spiked Goombas, followed by another stretch of water and a door. After the heroes enter the door, it seals itself. The room it leads to contains one post and several Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. After the enemies are disposed of, a large chest appears, containing the Pixl Thudley, who joins the party and gives them the ability to Ground Pound. The room can be exited by pounding the post down.

Back at the area with the four posts, the heroes use Thudley to pound the posts in the order indicated on the drawing found earlier, revealing a door between the posts. Through the door is a large, mostly empty expanse of water, with a multitude of pits and Bittacudas. After continuing through this area for a bit, the heroes encounter Big Blooper, which traps and attacks them. They defeat it by attacking its red tentacle and pass through another Warp Pipe on back to dry land, where the Star Block is located.

Mario and Luigi return to this area later in the game while chasing Dimentio in Chapter 8-3.


Menu description[edit]

  • "These waters are home to dangerous aquatic species. And one Pixl species, too, the girthful Thudley!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドットドット海
Dotto Dotto Kai
Dot Dot Sea
French Le Grand Bloups The big bloops
German Kachelmeer Tile Sea
Italian Lo Stagno Quadrettato The Squared Pond
Korean 도트도트해
Doteu Doteu Hae
Dot Dot Sea
Spanish (NOE) Gran Mosaico[1] Great Mosaic
Bloops Ahoy
Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょうふのダイオーゲッソー
Kyōfu no Daiō Gessō
The Dreaded Big Blooper
French Bloups droit devant! Bloops straight ahead!
German Blooper Ahoi Blooper Ahoy
Italian Calamako a dritta Blooper Ahoy
Korean 공포의 거대징오
Gongpoui geodaejing-o
Giant Squid of Terror
Spanish (NOE) Bloopers a la vista[1] Bloopers Ahoy