Sammer's Early Duels

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Sammer's Early Duels
Chapter 6-2
Level code 6-2
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Mimi
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Sammer's Early Duels is the setting of Chapter 6-2 from Super Paper Mario, and the location of Duels 26-50 during the Duel of 100. It is characterized by its magenta structures, and the first appearance of flashing Sammer Guys which are able to flip to 3-D.

Chapter 6-2: The End of a World[edit]

Storyline text

With The Void encompassing the entire sky, the end of the world was at hand.

The pressure was on for the heroes to find all the remaining Pure Hearts.

Would regal King Sammer be willing to part with his most precious treasure?

Leaving an army of Sammer Guys in his wake, Mario stepped into the palace...

The Void consuming Sammer's Kingdom.
The Void about to destroy Sammer's Kingdom

After Mario, Peach and Bowser reach the second quarter of the Duel of 100, they find King Sammer at the 26th gate. They convince him to give up his Pure Heart, as Sammer's Kingdom is about to be destroyed by the Void and he tells them that it is inside a treasure chest on Gate 26. However, the chest is booby trapped with a bomb and King Sammer reveals himself to be Mimi in disguise. She battles the heroes and is defeated, but says that she was only trying to stall the heroes' progress. She teleports away and the heroes hurry on to find the real king, but the world is destroyed before they make it.


Duel of 100[edit]

Normal Enemies[edit]

Sammer Guys[edit]

Menu description[edit]

  • "This land is host to the legendary Duel of 100." (main story)
  • "King Sammer's kingdom has been completely obliterated..."' (after Sammer's Kingdom is destroyed)
  • "This land is host to the legendary Duel of 100. You have to face Sammer Guys 26 to 50. You still have a long way to go!" (post-game, after beating the chapter at least once)

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モノノフ王国 2
Mononofu Ōkoku 2
Sammer's Kingdom 2
French Premiers Duels First Duels
German Milit - Weitere Duelle Sammer - More Duels
Italian Regno d'Eztate, ancora duelli Sammer's Kingdom, yet duels
Korean 싸우라비왕국 2
Ssaulabiwang-gug 2
Sammer's Kingdom 2
Spanish Los primeros duelos de Samito The first duels of Sammer
The End of a World
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ある世界のおわり・・・
Aru Sekai no Owari…
The End of a World…
French La fin d'un monde The End of a World
German Das Ende der Welt The End of a World
Italian La fine di un mondo The End of a World
Korean 어느 세계의 종말...
Eoneu segyeui jongmal...
The End of a World…
Spanish El fin de un mundo The End of a World