Captain Gills

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Captain Gills
Goldfish Bowl SPM.png
Captain Gills in his bowl
Species Fish
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
Pook with Captain Gills
“Hey, I know! Maybe you could find a nice place to sets Captain Gills free for me! Captain deserves FREEDOM!”
Pook, Super Paper Mario

Captain Gills is a fish from Super Paper Mario. He is Pook's pet goldfish and can be found in Flipside.

At the start of Chapter 4, Mario and his team discover that they require a Helmet in order to properly enter Outer Space to find the next Pure Heart. Merlon asks them to go and retrieve a Goldfish Bowl he had given away to Pook. Pook explains to them that his fish Captain Gills has been growing larger and larger each day, so much so that even the goldfish bowl has grown too small to accommodate him. He agrees to give them the bowl to use as a helmet provided that they find a proper environment for his goldfish to live in first.

In order to release Captain Gills, the player must bring him to the first basement floor of Flipside, near The Underwhere, where the goldfish bowl can be emptied into the canal located there. Captain Gills takes up residence in the lowest portion of the canal, where he continues to grow in size with each passing chapter. It is also implied that he becomes carnivorous during this time, as a few skeletons of other fish can be seen in the canal in 2D and several more if Mario flips into 3D.

After the end of the game, the player can return to the canal to discover that Captain Gills has somehow been gifted with five children of his own; his tattle credits the Stork with how they came to be. He has apparently raised all of his children to be carnivores like him.


Captain Gills and his children
Big Gills with his children
  • Gills Jr. is Captain Gills' first born. He cares much about the protection of his siblings. He always swims higher than his other siblings.
  • Gills II is Captain Gills second born and only daughter. She is very healthy and she is the one that solves conflicts between her siblings. She stays in a group with her siblings as they follow their father through Flipside's underground canal.
  • Gills III is Captain Gills' third-born offspring. He is rebellious and the troublemaker of the family. Because of all the ruckus he causes, he is the cause of his father's lack of sleep. He stays in the middle of the pack as they follow their father through the canal they live in.
  • Gills IV is Captain Gills' fourth child. He tries to lead the pack as they follow their father, but his fins are too small to keep up.
  • Gills V is Captain Gills' fifth born son. Being the youngest of the family, he swims at his own pace and peeks at his siblings as they follow their father around the underground canal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴライアス
Probably from "Goliath"

French Bubulle le rouge
Bubble the red
German Käpt'n Kieme
Captain Gill
Italian Capitan Gillo
Captain Gill
Spanish Capitán Glub
Captain Glub