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Species Pixl
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“The sheer girthitude on display here is blowing my mind!”
Thudley, Super Paper Mario
Thudley's in-game sprite.

Thudley is a partner Pixl in Super Paper Mario for the Wii, the fifth Pixl recruited in the game, and one of the twelve original Pixls created by the Ancients. Mario and his party encounter him in The Tile Pool located in The Bitlands. His ability is to give the power to Ground Pound, which deals double the damage when facing enemies. His name is appropriately derived from "thud", an onomatopoeia for a weight falling, and the name Dudley. He is designed after a 1-ton weight. In the game, Thudley's eyes float at the same height above his body, but in his official artwork, one eye is elevated, prompting a Nintendo Power article to include a statement by Thudley saying he was saving up to get his eyes surgically realigned. This difference in the artwork is likely meant to indicate that he is moving downward, representing his ground-pounding ability.

On Thudley's Catch Card, which is found on the fiftieth level of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, it is revealed he is a former wrestling star; such a thing is also hinted at in Tippi's tattle of him. It is said that Thudley retired from wrestling after a hip-replacement operation, despite the fact that he does not have legs. It is possible that his wrestling career was from his life before being turned into a Pixl, as one of Carson's stories implies that the Pixls were originally people.[1]

Girth points[edit]

Just before he joins the group, Thudley does a girth check on the hero that is currently active upon his rescue. The results he gives out are as follows: Peach outranks the group with 1,000,170 girth points, Mario is in second place with 10,160 girth points, and Bowser is in last place with 10,150 (ten fewer girth points than Mario). These points have no effect on gameplay.

Girth check Mario Peach Bowser
Face "Looks like you're sportin' a beefy 'stache, there. Solid! I give it 60 girth points." "Look at those big eyes! You make my girthy heart flutter, girl. Those eyes of yours have got some heavy to 'em! You get 70 girth points!" "Dude has shaggy eyebrows! That's not even kinda girthy! You get 50 girth points."
Clothes "Overalls?! Man, only the brawniest heroes wear those! That's worth 100 girth points!" "A pink dress?! It takes guts to wear that here. Bam! There's 100 girth points!" "What's more girthy than a giant spiky shell?! That's worth 100 girth points!"
Body "Woah, ho ho! You might be small, but you pack a punch of girth! Girth is a state of mind! You just got yourself another 10,000 girth points!" "Unbelievable! You might be a slender thing, but you got a beefy spirit, girl! I wouldn't mess with a chick like you! You get 1,000,000 girth points!" "Look at this guy! Look him up in the dictionary, and he's the definition of girth! A superheavyweight right here! Bam... 10,000 girth points!"

Catch Card[edit]

  • Card Type: Rare
  • Card Description: This former wrestling-star Pixl can pound the ground. A hip replacement kept him out of high-end competition.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘびードン
From "heavy" and「どん」(don, onomatopoeic term for "thud")

French Poilourd
Pun on "poids lourd" (heavyweight)
German Stampfo
Masculine of "stampfen" (to stomp)
Italian Kilo
Short for "kilogrammo" (kilogram), a unit of mass
Korean 헤비쿵쿵
Combination of "heavy" and "쿵쿵" (kungkung, thud)

Spanish Pesón
Augmentative of "peso" (weight)


  • Although Bowser can perform Ground Pounds in the first battle against him in Chapter 3-1, once he joins Mario's party, he is unable to use the ability until Thudley is obtained.
  • Whenever a Ground Pound is performed, Thudley will briefly smile, despite having a constant frown. This detail also happens to resemble an arrow pointing downwards, in line with Thudley's ability.
  • Whenever Peach uses the Ground Pound, she twirls around instead of doing a front flip like everyone else.


  1. ^ Carson's "The Pixl Queen" story reads: "The spirit within the Pixl Queen was not a demon, but rather a human [...] Is it possible the other Pixls were spirits from the game-overed?"