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“My classmate's so into cards! And boy, I'm getting sick of it! Stupid cards aren't fun!”
Patta, Super Paper Mario
Patta, lives near Hot Fraun.

Patta is a little boy who lives near Hot Fraun in Flopside in Super Paper Mario. His Flipside counterpart is Pitta. He is seen on Flopside's first floor and unlike Pitta is very serious. According to Tippi's tattle on him, he hates trends but also hates being left out of them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タタン
A play on「トトン」(Toton, Pitta) and possibly「~たん」(-tan), a childish form of honorific「~ちゃん」(-chan)

French Hop
German Winni
Italian Simone
Spanish Andrés