Planet Blobule

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Planet Blobule
A Stylish move performed by Mario in Planet Blobule in the game Super Paper Mario. The audience is cheering.
Level code 4-2
Game Super Paper Mario
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Planet Blobule is the setting of Chapter 4-2 in Super Paper Mario. The planet is the point from which the Outer Limits may be accessed.


Blobule is a small planet that is mostly barren, though some plant life can be seen dotting the landscape. Animal life is also present on the planet, such as Longators and Beepboxers. Planet Blobule has low gravity, meaning anyone on the planet gains an increased jump ability. Furthermore, it seems to have a thin atmosphere, as Mario and co. can breathe without their space helmets yet the stars are fully visible. The only known humanoid species on the planet are the Blobules, which barely populate the surface.

Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency[edit]

Storyline text

Mario and the gang cruised through space, led by the young alien named Squirps.

What kind of creature was it, anyway? And what was with those weird noises?

Whenever confronted with a question, it would say, "Squirps is Squirps, SQUAAK!"

All they could do was trust that he knew where the Pure Heart was and follow him.

They were doing just that when something appeared ahead of them.

It was a teeny-tiny planet.

Squirps and the outhouse

Squirps leads the heroes to Planet Blobule as they hunt for the Pure Heart. He says that this planet holds the entrance to a "Space Byway", their next destination. Unfortunately, he instantly forgets where the entrance is, and then says that he has to go to the bathroom. The outhouse nearby is occupied by someone who cannot come out, as there is no toilet paper. The heroes then embark on a search to help the occupant, so Squirps can relieve himself and be able to continue the quest.

The first area of the level has many high mountains, which can be traversed due to the planet's low gravity. Many Longators are found here. There is also a locked door and a short totem with a dimensional rift above it. At the end of the area, there is a door covered by Brick Blocks that must be destroyed to continue. The next area features a Save Block. The nearby mountain is too tall to jump and must be passed through using Slim. This area is similar to the first, but the mountains are more difficult to traverse, often requiring Mario to find paths through the mountains in 3-D. Enemies here include Boing-Oings and Choppas. There are also many pipes here, though they lead nowhere, except a hidden one that leads to a small area with nothing but some coins. A door in this area leads to a house inhabited by an alien named Blollop. About halfway through the area, one can find a door leading to a horde of Hooligons and another alien house, this one inhabited by Blarfle. This area can be completely bypassed in favor of another door.

The second door leads to a zone filled with Fuzzies and Beepboxers. A Mega Star is hidden in a ? Block. Through the next door are more Beepboxers. Space Food can be found here, and also the house of an elder alien named Blappy. Blappy will sell the heroes an Ancient Clue for the hefty sum of one thousand coins, however, the price can decrease to ten coins if his offer is refused twice; thrice, and he raises it back to one hundred coins. The clue gives a hint as to where the Space Bypass is, and it can also be used as toilet paper for the outhouse occupant.

After journeying back to the beginning of the level, the heroes give the occupant toilet paper. They are revealed to be a Pixl named Fleep. While Squirps uses the restroom, the heroes recruit Fleep, who is able to reveal hidden items in dimensional rifts. The heroes use Fleep on a rift above the aforementioned totem to gain a Door Key that unlocks the previously seen locked door.

The final area is a short stretch containing a multitude of Fuzzies and the Star Block.

Mario and Luigi return here much later on in the game, while chasing Dimentio through the seven dimensions.


Menu description[edit]

  • "Why is there an outhouse on the edge of the universe? We bought an Ancient Clue from old Blappy. We used it to free Fleep from outhouse imprisonment."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese わくせいプラネーン
Wakusei Puranēn
Planet Planenn
French Planète Blobule Planet Blobulus
German Blobulus Blobulus
Italian Il Pianeta Pallobolo Planet Ballobulus
Korean 플래닌행성
Peullaenis Haengseong
Planet Planenn
Spanish (NOE) Planeta Blóbulo[1] Planet Blobe
A Paper Emergency
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギブ・ミー・ペーパー!!
Gibu Mī Pēpā!!
Give Me Paper!!
French Panne de papier Paper breakdown
German Ein Papiernotfall A Paper Emergency
Italian Emergenza carta Paper emergency
Korean 종이를 찾아라!!
Jong-ileul chaj-ala!!
Find the paper!!
Spanish (NOE) Una emergencia de papel[1] A Paper Emergency