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Nimbi Lady.pngNimbi Boy.pngFemale (left) and male (right) Nimbis.
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
Notable members

Nimbis are the angel-like citizens of The Overthere in Super Paper Mario. Their species name appears to be derived from the word nimbus, a type of cloud. The word additionally references their appearance and habitat. "Nimbi" is also reminiscent of the acronym "NIMBY," which stands for "Not In My Back Yard," referring to people who object to seeing unpleasant or illegal (i.e. "evil") activities, which fits the general theme and tone of The Overthere. The Nimbis speak in Elizabethan English, such as that used in the King James Bible. However, the dialect the Nimbis speak appears simply to replace common pronouns such as "I" or "you" with Elizabethan equivalents (mine, thou). These words can be changed depending on whether they are the subject or not, such as "you" being thou (subject) and thee (objective). Also, the suffix -est seems randomly tacked to certain verbs. (e.g. "thou-knowest-what" instead of "you-know-what"). In proper Elizabethan era grammar, "knowest" (for example) is the equivalent of the modern day "knows". Saying "tellest me, now, Mother," as Luvbi does, is therefore incorrect grammar, as it translates to "Tells me, now, Mother". In terms of appearance, most of the Nimbis look nearly identical to each other except that females have hairstyles, and many of their names are based on days, colors, seasons, or months.

Notable Nimbis[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エルエル人
Erueru people