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Not to be confused with Shaydas.
A Shayde
A Shayde
“...What? You've been here before? Ahahahahahahahah! Good one.”
Shayde, Super Paper Mario
Another variation of Shayde

Shaydes are the residents of The Underwhere in Super Paper Mario. Their name is a corruption of "shade", the spirit of a person residing in the underworld in Greek mythology. While relatively sinless people are sent to The Overthere and become Nimbis and evil people are turned into Skellobits and have to suffer in the depths of The Underwhere, people who fit in between the two poles in life become Shaydes after they get a Game Over (i.e., after they die). They neither suffer nor prosper in The Underwhere, although some do feel that their so-called "aftergames" as Shaydes are better than their former lives. Mostly, they seem to spend their time sitting around The Underwhere talking to each other. They muse about their chances of going to The Overthere, the fates of others, and most commonly, how they died. For example, one Shayde was killed by a Micro Goomba, while another said he got sick with multicolored viruses (which is a reference to Dr. Mario). Another said he died by a Poison 1-Up, while another turned into a "Boss Bass Snack".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モウジャー
From「亡者」(mōja, the deceased) and possibly the English agentive suffix "-er"
French Zombrex From "zombie"
German Düstero From "düster" (dark)
Italian Ombrex From "ombra" (shadow)
Korean 주근자
From「죽은」(jug-eun, dead) and the suffix「자」(ja, character)
Spanish (NOE) Sombrí[1] From "sombra" (shadow) or "sombrío" (dark)