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Whoa Zone
World-Level 4-4
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Mr. L
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The Whoa Zone is the final area in Chapter 4 of Super Paper Mario.

Chapter 4-4: The Mysterious Mr. L[edit]

Storyline text

Mario and his friends took the Space Byway and merged into the Whoa Zone.

Known to some as the Space Graveyard, it was said to consume all who entered it.

"Just a little bit longer... We'll be arriving soon," said young Squirps.

With his unblinking eyes glimmering, Squirps continued to forge onward.

Would Mario and his friends get their hands on the Pure Heart at long last?
Gravity switch alters gravity, which is required for navigation.
Brobot battle.

The Whoa Zone is frequently described as a both a 'Space Graveyard' and a 'complicated maze' by Squirps - upon the heroes' arrival, he tells them to meet up with him later where he will be waiting near the Pure Heart before promptly running off.

The zone is indeed a very complex structure - there are numerous doors in every room, and Mario and co. must utilize Gravity Switches and doors that alter the area's gravity, allowing them to walk on the walls and ceilings and reach new sections of the maze. The boss of the Whoa Zone is Mr. L and his robotic 'brother', Brobot - following their defeat, Squirps reveals to the heroes that he is the prince of a space kingdom, Squirpia, that once dominated the Whoa Zone, as well as regions of Outer Space around it, and that he was sealed in a hibernation capsule at the request of his mother, so that he could lead Mario and co. to the Pure Heart, which he proceeds to give to them.

Storyline text

"Phew! Now that Squirps is all relaxed, Squirps feels kinda...tired..." said Squirps.

And with that, Squirps lay down before the statue of his beloved mother.

"Mother..." he said, his voice soft. "I did my best, right? Are you...proud...of me?"

Then...slowly...young Squirps closed his eyes...

The mission had weighed heavy on his tiny back, and he was proud to fulfill it.


Whoa Zone Beta[edit]

The beta Whoa Zone.

The Whoa Zone appeared differently in the beta version of Super Paper Mario. It was briefly shown in Super Paper Mario's first trailer, where it was shown to have seemingly more circular elements in its background; the circles shown in this background were orange rather than the green color used in the final game. The Whoa Zone's greenish-brown doors were also normal, red doors in the beta game, and Mario was shown to wear his Space Helmet inside it during the trailer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サルガッゾーン
Sargazzone, a pun on "zone" and the Sargasso Sea (a region of the Atlantic Ocean often depicted as an area of mystery in literature)
Spanish Zona Estática Static Zone
French Zone Interdite Forbidden Zone
German Boah-Zone Literal translation
Italian Zona Proibita Prohibited Zone


  • This is the only area in the game where The Void is never visible in the background.