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Species Pixl
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“The bird, it warbles, TWEET!
The bug, it cries, CHEEP!
Goats and cars, BLEEEET!”
Piccolo, Super Paper Mario

Piccolo is an optional Pixl in the Wii game Super Paper Mario, requiring a series of tasks available starting from mid-Chapter 5 to get her as a team member. She is also one of the twelve original Pixls created by the Ancients. Piccolo plays music when the player presses One Button on the Wii Remote, and is named after the instrument piccolo, a small flute. She can play music that can cure Mario and the team from any curses placed upon them by Cursyas and she can put the Underchomp to sleep, reminiscent of the way in which Orpheus charms Cerberus, the three headed dog which the Underchomp is based on, with music. In addition, Piccolo can make blocks with her emblem disappear, usually revealing treasure chests, such as the blocks in the third floor Flipside and Flopside outskirts, which contain a Merlee and Nolrem Catch Card, respectively.

When Piccolo is equipped, different tunes will play depending on which character is out, and the tune she plays to heal them is different too. Mario and Luigi's healing songs are Italian, Peach has a cheery lullaby-like song, and Bowser has a heavy metal song. Piccolo's music is also affected by the place the player plays the song in. Finally, Piccolo causes the player characters' jumping and Bowser's Fire Breath to make the original Super Mario Bros. sound effects, while removing their voices.

The errands to run to earn Piccolo are:

  1. The player must go to Merlee and talk to her on her side of the counter.
  2. The player must go to Merluvlee and talk to her on her side of the counter.
  3. The player must go to Bestovius.
  4. The player must go to Old Man Watchitt.
  5. The player must go to Merlumina.
  6. The player must give the Autograph to Watchitt.
  7. The player must give the You-Know-What to Bestovius.
  8. The player must give the Training Machine to Merluvlee.
  9. The player must give the Crystal Ball to Merlee. In exchange for the Crystal Ball, she gives the player a Random House Key.
  10. The player must take the key to the first floor of Flopside and look for the abandoned house with the locked door near the card shop.
  11. The player must use the key to open a door.
  12. The player must open the big chest inside to get Piccolo on their team.

Catch Card[edit]

Piccolo's Catch Card.

Card Type: Rare
Piccolo's Card Description: This pitch-perfect Pixl plays the most melodious tunes. She lived in Flopside before joining your ragtag group.

Character Music[edit]

Audio.svg Piccolo - Mario music
File infoMedia:SPM Piccolo Mario.oga
Audio.svg Piccolo - Peach music
File infoMedia:SPM Piccolo Peach.oga
Audio.svg Piccolo - Bowser music
File infoMedia:SPM Piccolo Bowser.oga
Audio.svg Piccolo - Luigi music
File infoMedia:SPM Piccolo Luigi.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぴッキョローン
Based on「ピッキョローン」(Pikkyorōn, Attack FX)
French Mifasol EFG (music notes)
German Piccolo -
Hindi छोटा पियानो Literal translation
Italian Doremì CDE (music notes); it's also the same name of Ojamajo Doremi
Korean 음표롱
Combination of 음표 (eumpyo, note) and "long"
Spanish Corchea The Spanish name for the musical sign ♪