Mort T.

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Not to be confused with Morty.
Mort T.
Mort T.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Mort T. is a Toad living in Koopa Village, where he is tasked with running the Toad House by Princess Peach herself. Like most Toads, Mort T.'s name is a pun; in his case, it is of an actual name, "Morty."

In Paper Mario, whenever Mario needs to rest in the Koopa Village Toad House, Mort T. allows him to do so. Mario and Parakarry can also deliver a letter, which can be found in the Dry Dry Desert, to Mort T. from his wife, whom Mort T. mentions he loves dearly. As a reward for delivering the letter, Mort T. gives Mario a Star Piece.


  • "He's a Toad House employee. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle. He runs this Toad House. He looks kind of bored."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノッピ
From「キノピオ」(Kinopio, Toads)

Chinese (simplified) 奇诺皮[1]
Transliteration of his Japanese name


  • If Mario stands on the table while talking with Mort T., he tells Mario that he should not climb on the table.


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